Week 7 NFL Power Rankings

  1. Los Angeles Rams 6-0 (1)

6 weeks in a row at number 1, can they be stopped?

  1. New England Patriots 4-2 (5)

After starting 1-2, the Patriots have looked like their normal self and Tom Brady looks phenomenal once again.

  1. New Orleans Saints 4-1 (3)
  2. Baltimore Ravens 4-2 (12)
  3. Los Angeles Chargers 4-2 (7)

The LA Football Chargers were my Super Bowl Pick to begin the year for the AFC and it looks like they could be turning the page.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs 5-1 (2)
  2. Minnesota Vikings 3-2-1 (9)
  3. Green Bay Packers 2-2-1 (10) YO
  4. Carolina Panthers 3-2 (4)
  5. Philadelphia Eagles 3-3 (11)
  6. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-3 (6)  
  7. Pittsburgh Steelers 3-2-1 (17)
  8. Washington Redskins 3-2 (16)
  9. Cincinnati Bengals 4-2 (8)
  10. Houston Texans 3-3 (18)
  11. Seattle Seahawks 3-3 (15)

I mean they beat the Raiders, which is nothing special and the Seahawks look about average at best right now.

  1. Tennessee Titans 3-3 (13)
  2. Atlanta Falcons 2-4 (20)
  3. Miami Dolphins 4-2 (23)
  4. Dallas Cowboys 3-3 (26)

Hey, the Cowboys looked elite against the Jaguars but that’s been an issue for them all year: Inconsistency

  1. Chicago Bears 3-2 (14)

While some people think the Bears are elite, they’ve faced weak competition thus far and lost games they shouldn’t have.

  1. Detroit Lions 2-3 (21)
  2. New York Jets 3-3 (25)
  3. Denver Broncos 2-4 (19)

Man, the Broncos looked promising a few weeks ago but seem to have hit a rough patch in their season.

  1. Cleveland Browns 2-3-1 (24)

I know the hype surrounding this team, but let’s be honest, they stink. They will be promising in the future but not this year.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-3 (22)
  2. Indianapolis Colts 1-5 (27)
  3. Buffalo Bills 2-4 (28)
  4. New York Giants 1-5 (29)
  5. San Francisco 49ers 1-4 (32)
  6. Arizona Cardinals 1-5 (30)
  7. Oakland Raiders 1-5 (31)

The Raiders are officially the worst team in football. Trying to trade Amari Cooper apparently, when will they trade Jon Gruden?

Week 6 NFL Power Rankings

  1. Los Angeles Rams 5-0 (1)  
  2. Kansas City Chiefs 5-0 (2)

    The Kansas City Chiefs gave a great argument to be the best team in football but not yet.

  1. New Orleans Saints 4-1 (5)
  2. Carolina Panthers 3-1 (4)
  3. New England Patriots 3-2 (6)
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-2 (3)
  5. Los Angeles Chargers 3-2 (12)
  6. Cincinnati Bengals 4-1 (18)

    Time to give credit where it’s due, the Bengals are a good football team. For now…

  1. Minnesota Vikings 2-2-1 (11)

    The Vikings look really good one week and terrible the next, we will find out what this team is about soon.

  1. Green Bay Packers 2-2-1 (8)
  2. Philadelphia Eagles 2-3 (7)

    I called for a Super Bowl hangover before the season started. Is that what is happening in Philly?

  1. Baltimore Ravens 3-2 (9)

   Another team that looks good one week and terrible the next, the Ravens need to figure it out before Le’Veon Bell returns for the Steelers.

  1. Tennessee Titans 3-2 (10)
  2. Chicago Bears 3-1 (17)
  3. Seattle Seahawks 2-3 (16)
  4. Washington Redskins 2-2 (15)
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers 2-2-1 (20)

    The Steelers are yet another up and down team. Can this team look past the distractions and be a powerhouse in the AFC?

  1. Houston Texans 2-3 (22)

   The Texans got another win but it was against the Cowboys who stink right now and it didn’t look pretty at times.

  1. Denver Broncos 2-3 (13)
  2. Atlanta Falcons 1-4 (14)

   Probably the most disappointing team so far but they’ve had a tough schedule. Let’s see if they can turn it around.

  1. Detroit Lions 2-3 (26)
  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-2 (25)
  3. Miami Dolphins 3-2 (21)
  4. Cleveland Browns 2-2-1 (27)
  5. New York Jets 2-3 (28)  
  6. Dallas Cowboys 2-3 (19)
  7. Indianapolis Colts 1-4 (24)
  8. Buffalo Bills 2-3 (29)
  9. New York Giants 1-4 (23)

    The Giants are really fucking bad dude, and Odell isn’t making the situation any better.

  1. Arizona Cardinals 1-4 (32)
  2. Oakland Raiders 1-4 (29)
  3. San Francisco 49ers 1-4 (30)

    The 49ers are the worst team in football without Jimmy G. CJ Beathard is really bad and the defense is bunk.

Week 5 NFL Power Rankings

  1. Los Angeles Rams 4-0 (1)

4 Straight Weeks of being #1, they are the best team in football and easily should be the Super Bowl favorite thus far.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs 3-0 (3)
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-1 (5)
  3. Carolina Panthers 2-1 (4)
  4. New Orleans Saints 3-1 (6)
  5. New England Patriots 2-2 (7)

The Patriots looked stellar against the once undefeated Dolphins. BRADY IS BACK BITCH

  1. Philadelphia Eagles 2-2 (2)

I spoke way too soon about the Eagles last week. Tough loss to the Titans last week.

  1. Green Bay Packers 2-1-1 (9)
  2. Baltimore Ravens 3-1 (11)
  3. Tennessee Titans 3-1 (13)
  4. Minnesota Vikings 1-2-1 (8)

The Vikings need a win against the Eagles this week before the Packers or Bears run away with the division.

  1. Los Angeles Chargers 2-2 (14)
  2. Denver Broncos 2-1 (15)

They played tough against the Chiefs but came out with a loss. But I still moved them up cause they looked pretty good.

  1. Atlanta Falcons 1-3 (10)
  2. Washington Redskins 2-1 (16)
  3. Seattle Seahawks 2-2 (17)
  4. Chicago Bears 3-1 (22)
  5. Cincinnati Bengals 3-1 (19)
  6. Dallas Cowboys 2-2 (20)

Even though they won and Skip Bayless somehow thinks they are a Super Bowl Team, the Cowboys stink on ice.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-2-1 (12)
  2. Miami Dolphins 3-1 (18)
  3. Houston Texans 1-3 (28)

Texans bounced back last week in an overtime win, let’s see if they can roll a couple in a row.

  1. New York Giants 1-3 (21)
  2. Indianapolis Colts 1-3 (25)
  3. New York Giants 1-3 (21)

The Giants are sooooo bad and I wish I could put them lower but they just have too much offensive talent.

  1. Detroit Lions 1-3 (24)
  2. Cleveland Browns 1-2-1 (23)

Tough loss for the Browns again. They seem to be in every game they’ve played this year but they still stink.

  1. New York Jets 1-3 (30)
  2. Oakland Raiders 1-3 (31)
  3. San Francisco 49ers 1-3 (27)
  4. Buffalo Bills 1-3 (29)
  5. Arizona Cardinals 0-4 (32)

Yea so the Cardinals are pretty bad. David Johnson Sucks. Josh Rosen Sucks. Patrick Peterson Sucks. That guy Chandler Jones is pretty good though.

Week 4 NFL Preview

Week 4:

Vikings at Rams

 Sauce: Rams, “Best Thursday Night Football matchup in a long time. NFC Championship Preview.”

  AlecTheAccountant: Rams

  Bshan: Vikings

  Flan: Rams, “Rams by 1”

  Dimes: Vikings

Burt: Rams, “gonna bet the vikes for value… picking the rams”

Capitano: Rams

Texans at Colts:

 Sauce: Colts

  AlecTheAccountant: Colts, “I can’t believe I am saying this but the Texans will be 0-4 after this week”

  Bshan: Colts

  Flan: Colts

  Dimes: Texans

  Capitano: Colts

Burt: Texans


Bills at Packers

 Sauce: Packers, “By a million”

  AlecTheAccountant: Packers, “Go Pack Go”

  Bshan: Packers, “the Packers better fucking win, I’m getting sick and tired of losing bets on these jackasses”

  Flan: Packers

  Dimes: Packers

  Capitano: Bills

Buccaneers at Bears

 Sauce: Bears

  AlecTheAccountant: Buccaneers,Fitzmagic will prove he is worthy of being the starting QB over Winston”

  Burt: Bears, “Because the Bucs are gonna be stupid and put in Winston”

  Bshan: Bears

  Flan: Buccaneers

  Dimes: Bears, “DAHHHH BEAAAAARS”

  Capitano: Buccaneers


Dolphins at Patriots

 Sauce: Patriots

  AlecTheAccountant: Patriots, “Pats by 3”

  Burt: Patriots, “Pats in a must win”

  Bshan: Patriots

  Flan: Dolphins, “Dolphins are hot, who knows.”

  Dimes: Patriots, “I hate life”

  Capitano: Patriots

Lions at Cowboys

 Sauce: Lions

  AlecTheAccountant: Lions, “Stafford will throw for 350 and 4 touchdowns; go Lions”

  Burt: Cowboys

  Bshan: Lions, “really tempted to go lions here….. yeah fuck it, Lions”

  Flan: Cowboys

  Dimes: Lions

  Capitano: Cowboys

Bengals at Falcons

 Sauce: Falcons

  AlecTheAccountant: Bengals

  Burt: Falcons

  Bshan: Falcons

  Flan: Falcons


  Capitano: Falcons

Jets at Jaguars

 Sauce: Jaguars, “Even though they stunk in Week 3”

  AlecTheAccountant: Jags

  Burt: Jags

  Bshan: Jags

  Flan: Jaguars

  Dimes: Jags

  Capitano: Jaguars

Eagles at Titans

 Sauce: Eagles

  AlecTheAccountant: Eagles

  Burt: Eagles

  Bshan: Eagles

  Flan: Eagles

  Dimes: Birds

  Capitano: Titans

Browns at Raiders

 Sauce: Browns, “Honestly the Raiders blow”

  AlecTheAccountant: Browns, “Everyone will be watching Baker”

  Burt: BROWNS

  Bshan: Browns

  Flan: Browns, “If Baker stars”

  Dimes: Browns, “Bakers Boys”

  Capitano: Browns

Seahawks at Cardinals

 Sauce: Seahawks

  AlecTheAccountant: Cardinals

  Burt: Seahawks, “Fuck Rosen”

  Bshan: Seahawks, “I can’t, in good conscience, pick the Cardinals, Seahawks take week 4”

  Flan: Cardinals, “Cardinals somehow pull this one off”

  Dimes: Seacocks

  Capitano: Cardinals


Saints at Giants

 Sauce: Saints

  AlecTheAccountant: Giants

  Burt: Saints

  Bshan: Giants, “Giants suck, but Giants”

  Flan: Saints

  Dimes: Saints, “Saints and the over”

  Capitano: Saints

49ers at Chargers

 Sauce: Chargers, “Beathard is soooooo BAD”

  AlecTheAccountant: Chargers, “Phil the Drill”

  Burt: Chargers

  Bshan: Chargers, “Karma”

  Flan: Chargers

  Dimes: Chargers

  Capitano: Chargers

Ravens at Steelers

 Sauce: Ravens

  AlecTheAccountant: Steelers

  Burt: Ravens, “I’m going with the birds”

  Bshan: Ravens, “dude, I like the Ravens for this one”

  Flan: Ravens

  Dimes: UMMMMMMM Steelers

  Capitano: Ravens

Chiefs at Broncos   

 Sauce: Chiefs, “Their offense is unstoppable but Mile High will be a tough road test”

  AlecTheAccountant: Chiefs

  Burt: Chiefs

  Bshan: Broncos, “I feel like this is the time of year Andy Reid starts making his team suck”

  Flan: Chiefs

  Dimes: Broncos

  Capitano: Chiefs   


Overall Records:

  1. Willis Dimes: 25-22-2
  2. Capitano: 24-23-2
  3. BShan: 24-23-2
  4. Flan 23-24-2
  5. Burt: 23-24-2
  6. AlecTheAccountant: 20-27-2
  7. Sauce: 20-27-2


Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

  1. Los Angeles Rams 3-0 (1)
  2. Philadelphia Eagles 2-1 (10)

Wentz didn’t look fully back yet, but the Eagles should dominate from here on out.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs 3-0 (6)
  2. Carolina Panthers 2-1 (8)
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-1 (3)
  4. New Orleans Saints 2-1 (9)
  5. New England Patriots 1-2 (4)
  6. Minnesota Vikings 1-1-1 (2)

The Vikings found a way to lose to the Bills last week. Kind of embarrassing and deserving of a drop.

  1. Green Bay Packers 1-1-1 (5)
  2. Atlanta Falcons 1-2 (7)

Tough loss last week, but they need to find a way to win against the Bengals and Andy Dalton.

  1. Baltimore Ravens 2-1 (16)
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-1-1 (13)

I mean, they beat the Bucs who I’m still not too sure of, but with the explosiveness on offense, it’s hard not to move them up.

  1. Tennessee Titans 2-1 (14)
  2. Los Angeles Chargers 1-2 (11)

Tough opening schedule to start the season, but the Chargers still have an opportunity to be dominant and I’m standing by ½ of my Super Bowl pick.

  1. Denver Broncos 2-1 (12)
  2. Washington Redskins 2-1 (22)
  3. Seattle Seahawks 1-2 (18)
  4. Miami Dolphins 3-0 (25)

The Dolphins are 3-0 but how good are they really? We will see how they fare with the Patriots.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals 2-1 (20)
  2. Dallas Cowboys 1-2 (17)
  3. New York Giants 1-2 (21)
  4. Chicago Bears 2-1 (27)

Tough comeback win last week but it was only against the Cardinals. Let’s see if the Bears can make some noise against the Buccaneers.

  1. Cleveland Browns 1-1-1 (29)

The Browns got their first win in a long time, thanks to Baker Mayfield. But they haven’t won two in a row in a really long time.

  1. Detroit Lions 1-2 (30)
  2. Indianapolis Colts 1-2 (28)
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-1 (24)
  4. San Francisco 49ers 1-2 (19)

Without Jimmy G and McKinnon, I doubt the 49ers make anymore noise this season. Definitely one of the worst teams in football right now.

  1. Houston Texans 0-3 (15)
  2. Buffalo Bills 1-2 (32)
  3. New York Jets 1-2 (26)
  4. Oakland Raiders 0-3 (23)

The Raiders fucking suck. What the hell is Jon Gruden doing???

  1. Arizona Cardinals 0-3 (31)


Week 3 NFL Preview

Week 3:

Jets at Browns

   Sauce: Browns, “they deserve this one..”

   AlecTheAccountant: Browns, “ummm the Browns could have easily been 2-0 if they had a decent kicker. I’ll take Cleveland at home this week.”

    Burt: Browns

    Bshan: Jets, “J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets Jets Jets!”

    Flan: Jets, “why are the Browns favored?”

   Dimes: Jets

   Capitano: Browns

Bills at Vikings

  Sauce: Vikings, “the Bills are so fucking bad man.”

  AlecTheAccountant: Vikings, “give Kirk the week off and throw in Siemian for fun!!”

  Burt: Vikings

  Bshan: Vikings

  Flan: Vikings, “If the Bills win this game I retire from Spin Factory”

  Dimes: Vikings

  Capitano: Vikings

Giants at Texans

  Sauce: Texans

  AlecTheAccountant: Giants

  Burt: Texans, “If the Texans don’t win they are the worst team in the NFL”

  Bshan: Texans

  Flan: Texans

  Dimes: Texans

  Capitano: Texans

Packers at Redskins

 Sauce: Packers

  AlecTheAccountant: Packers, “Skins can’t catch a break at running back loosing Rob Kelly now. Peterson’s week one may have been a fluke.”

  Burt: Redskins, “Aaron Rodgers is over-rated, go ‘skins”

  Bshan: Packers

  Flan: Packers

  Dimes: Packers

  Capitano: Packers

49ers at Chiefs

  Sauce: Chiefs, “if the Chiefs defense can figure it out, they are gonna win the AFC West”

  AlecTheAccountant: Chiefs, “Mahomes is legit”

  Burt: Chiefs, “the chiefs are the real deal “

  Bshan: Chiefs.  “49ers should have gotten Josh Gordon.”

  Flan: Chiefs, “Chiefs are rolling”

  DImes: Chiefs

  Capitano: Chiefs

Raiders at Dolphins

   Sauce: Raiders

  AlecTheAccountant: Dolphins

  Burt: Dolphins, “Ryan Tannehill is 9-1 in his last ten.. I think they pull this one out #phinsup”

  Bshan: Dolphins, “Damn, am I actually picking the Dolphins?”

  Flan: Dolphins, “Dolphins ML”

  Dimes: Raiders

  Capitano: Raiders

Colts at Eagles

 Sauce: Colts,”The Eagles are booty”

  AlecTheAccountant: Colts, “Ride the Colts”

  Burt: Eagles, “gonna take the eagles and their savior Carson Wentz”

  Bshan: Eagles

  Flan: Eagles

  Dimes: Birds

  Capitano: Eagles

Titans at Jaguars

 Sauce: Jaguars

  AlecTheAccountant: Jaguars

  Burt: Jags

  Bshan: Jaguars, “Riding on the BOAT”

  Flan: Jags

  Dimes: Titans

  Capitano: Jaguars

Bengals at Panthers

 Sauce: Panthers

  AlecTheAccountant: Panthers, “Toss up, but I’m going Panthers”

  Burt: Panthers, “I’m gonna take the panthers in a wild game”

  Bshan: Panthers, “Cam Newton steals computers.”

  Flan: Panthers

  Dimes: Panthers
  Capitano: Bengals

Broncos at Ravens

   Sauce: Broncos, “this is gonna be a fun game to watch, two mean defenses.”

   AlecTheAccountant: Ravens

   Burt: Ravens, ”Gonna go with the Ravens in an almost must win at home”

   Bshan: Ravens

   Flan: Broncos

   Dimes: Ravens

   Capitano: Broncos

Saints at Falcons

 Sauce: Ahhhhhhhhhh Falcons, “Game of the Week”

  AlecTheAccountant: Saints, “Both teams with shaky starts”

  Burt: Falcons,  “the Saints stink”

  Bshan: Falcons, “Drew Brees has entered the rinse cycle.”

  Flan: Falcons, “Always love this matchup, POUND the over.”

  Dimes: Saints

  Capitano: Saints

Chargers at Rams

 Sauce: Rams, “Super Bowl Preview”

   AlecTheAccountant: Chargers, “Rams finally tested against elite quarterback, Phil the Drill”

   Burt: Rams

   Bshan: Rams

   Flan: Rams

   Dimes: Rams

  Capitano: Rams

Bears at Cardinals

 Sauce: Bears

  AlecTheAccountant: Bears

  Burt: DAAAAA Bears

  Bshan: Bears

  Flan: Bears, “Cardinals are the second worst team in the league at the moment”

  Dimes: Dah Cubs

  Capitano: Bears

Cowboys at Seahawks

 Sauce: Cowboys, “whatever team I pick is going to lose so whatever”

  AlecTheAccountant: Seahawks

  Burt: Cowboys

  Bshan: Seahawks

  Flan: Cowboys, “No idea, go Cowboys”

  Dimes: Seahawks

  Capitano: Seahawks

Patriots at Lions

Sauce: Patriots, “need this one Tommy, also agree with Alec. Great Accountant.”

  AlecTheAccountant: Patriots, “The beginning of Bill’s recruitment process for Stafford once Brady retires”

  Burt: Patriots

  Bshan: Patriots

  Flan: Patriots

  Dimes- Patriots

  Capitano: Patriots

Steelers at Buccaneers   

Sauce: Steelers, “but i wanna pick the Buccaneers so bad cause I know Fitzmagic will break my heart”

  AlecTheAccountant: Buccaneers, “Riding Fitzmagic for one more week against a weak secondary”

Burt: Steelers, “I’m with sauce”

  Bshan: Steelers, “it feel like the right game for Fitzmagic to suck”

  Flan: Buccaneers, “Riding the Bucs, Steelers are DONE. You can’t tie the CLEVELAND BROWNS and expect to call yourself a good football team”

  Dimes: Steelers

  Capitano: Buccaneers

Overall Records:

     1.Capitano: 17-12-2

     1.Flan: 17-12-2

  1. BShan: 15-14-2

     3.Willis Dimes: 15-14-2

  1. Sauce: 13-16-2
  2. Burt: 12-17-2
  3. AlecTheAccountant: 9-20-2




Week 3 NFL Power Rankings

  1. Los Angeles Rams 2-0 (1)
  2. Minnesota Vikings 1-0-1 (2)
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-0 (6)

    The Jaguars were dominant against the Patriots and are a scary team right now.

  1. New England Patriots 1-1 (3)  
  2. Green Bay Packers 1-0-1 (8)

    Even though the Packers only tied the Vikings, they still get a jump here for playing a great game against a stellar defense.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs 2-0 (9)

    The Chiefs are a scary team right now and I was tempted to put them even higher but I don’t wanna speak too soon.

  1. Atlanta Falcons 1-1 (12)
  2. Carolina Panthers 1-1 (5)
  3. New Orleans Saints 1-1 (7)
  4. Philadelphia Eagles 1-1 (4)
  5. Los Angeles Chargers 1-1 (11)

     The Chargers got a win, but it was against the Bills…so we’ll see.

  1. Denver Broncos 2-0 (15)
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers 0-1-1 (10)
  3. Tennessee Titans 1-1 (17)
  4. Houston Texans 0-2 (13)

    Even though they are sitting at 0-2, they can still be a dangerous team if they turn things around in Week 3.

  1. Baltimore Ravens 1-1 (14)
  2. Dallas Cowboys 1-1 (20) *
  3. Seattle Seahawks 0-1 (17)
  4. San Francisco 49ers 1-1 (25)
  5. Cincinnati Bengals 2-0 (26)
  6. New York Giants 0-2 (16)
  7. Washington Redskins 1-1 (19)
  8. Oakland Raiders 0-2 (23)
  9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-0 (32)

     I’ve called the Bucs the worst team in football the last two weeks, but it’s time to give credit where it’s due.

  1. Miami Dolphins 2-0 (31)
  2. New York Jets 1-1 (21)
  3. Chicago Bears 0-1 (24)
  4. Indianapolis Colts 1-1 (29)
  5. Cleveland Browns 0-1-1 (24)

     The Browns are back doing Browns things. I tried to root for them to be good, but they just suck when it matters most.

  1. Detroit Lions 0-2 (21)

    Huge drop here for the Lions. Still love Matt Stafford but this team looks real bad right now.

  1. Arizona Cardinals 0-2 (28)
  2. Buffalo Bills 0-2 (30)

    After much consideration, the Buffalo Bills are the worst team in the NFL right now. They honestly might not win a game this year.