Is Bill Belichick slowly losing his mind?

Well first of all, thank you for reading our first post. It means a lot to our team and hopefully you continue to follow us! But let’s get to sports..


Over the past 20 years, we have seen absolute dominance from Belichick, Brady and the New England Football Patriots. Everyone knows about the Superbowls, the dominance in the regular season and of course the questionable offseason moves. Back in the day, we saw the likes of Ty Law, Richard Seymour and Willie McGinest leave the Patriots for essentially nothing. While these deals didn’t look like they went in the Patriot’s favor at first, I think it ultimately worked out for them. But recently this may not be the case.

NFL: Super Bowl XLIX-New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks

A few years ago, we traded Chandler Jones to the Cardinals for practically a bag of footballs. Jones has since proven to be one of the most dominant outside rushers in the game today and even led the league in sacks this past year. Your telling me the Patriots couldn’t have used him in the Superbowl against the Eagles? Whatever.

Then, this past year (midseason) we unloaded the future of the franchise Jimmy G to the San Francisco 49ers for a Second Round pick. I feel like Patriots fans are split down the middle on this, but personally I’m on Bill’s side and agree they should have traded him. But this could absolutely come back to bite Bill in the ass. What if Brady comes in and stinks it up and just isn’t the same anymore in 2018? I have full confidence in Tom Brady but I would be stupid to ignore that it’s possible for him to fall off soon. I don’t know, definitely something to think about.

Aaaaaaand then yesterday, you see the Patriots cut young and promising Wide Receiver Malcolm Mitchell. Was I the only one to watch that Falcon’s Superbowl? He was a fucking stud in that game against a legit defense in a BIG TIME game. Obviously his injuries are something of concern but a guy who is still on his rookie contract with as much upside as Mitchell isn’t worth keeping around? Especially with the sub-par receiving core that the Patriots have, I find that hard to believe.


Bill Belichick is pushing 70 years old, he’s coached in the National Football league for decades and I’m not doubting his genius mind. But is it too far-fetched that he may be losing his mind a little bit? I didn’t even bring up the fact that he benched Malcolm Butler in the biggest game of the year which is inexcusable to me. You don’t bench a Pro Bowl corner in the Superbowl. I’m sorry you don’t.

As a Patriots fan, there is a reason for concern for the Patriot’s future. And I personally believe if the Patriots underperform this year, Belichick should be fired and McDaniels should immediately take over the reigns. But I am interested in hearing your opinion on this.



2 thoughts on “Is Bill Belichick slowly losing his mind?”

    1. well think about it, he was a backup to an MVP QB with only one year left on his contract. seeing the way Brady was playing, i bet he was looking to find a way to get something in return for Jimmy G rather than let him walk. I don’t read in too much to all that B.S. ESPN spews out about Kraft wanting Brady and Belichick wanting Jimmy, it just doesn’t make that much sense to me.


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