willisdimes card 8/7


Willis Dimes aka Willy Live Bet aka Willy Parlays and Willy Winners here to give you my 3 best plays of the night. Hop on the train on your boring tuesday night.



I have 3 locks for tonight’s slate:

  1. Redsox -135( I’m going, to be honest, I bet the Redsox every single night, But seriously how could you not. This team is on pace for fucking 113 wins right now. This start is also what I consider a must-win for Drew Pomeranz if he wants to be considered for a spot on the playoff roster. You saw it this weekend. The Sox can come back from any deficit.)
  2. Dodgers -110 (The time is now for the Dodgers to make their moves. They made all of their deadline moves, Machado and Dozier. Justin Turner is back in the lineup tonight as well. The dangerous Dodgers lineup gets a DH spot playing in the American Leauge ballpark.)
  3. D-Backs -1.5( This game is a big game against two division leaders (Phillies). The D-Backs have Zack Greinke on the Hill tonight and he has been DEALING as of late. He’s their ace and this could be a Wildcard one-game playoff in October. D-Backs are also trying to hold their .5 game lead on the Dodgers.


Take em seperate. Or parlay em. Lets Goooo.

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