5 Best-Fits for Dez Bryant

Personally, I’m a huge Dez Bryant fan. I’ve always liked his “fuck you” attitude and besides last season was a stud for the Cowboys. I believe all 32 teams should be interested in his services cause he has something to offer. Here are the “best-fits” for me.

#5 New England Football Patriots

I feel like as a Patriots fan it’s my job to promote this signing for the team so here it is. People, over the years, have liked to compare a lot of our signings to the Randy Moss transaction in which we turned around a player’s career but this is truly the closest thing to it. A troubled receiver who had one or two off years looking to rejuvenate his career. Who better to help you than Tom Brady and Uncle Bill and Cousin Josh. Sign me up for Dez Bryant.

#4 San Franciso 49ers

I think this is an interesting team because while they aren’t necessarily one of the best teams, I think they are a couple players away from being a playoff team especially with division rivals Cardinals and Seahawks on the decline. The only reason I don’t bring him in if I’m John Lynch is that it might stunt the growth of Jimmy G but I think Jimmy was taught well and could handle the personality of Dez. Also I think Dez would thrive in Kyle Shannahans System as we saw Mohamed Sanu and even Taylor Gabriel a few years ago with the Falcons. Also the 49ers have one of the worst receiving corps in the league and maybe Dez would take a few under his wing (HAHA MAYBE).

#3 Jacksonnville Jaguars

If Dez Bryant is looking to continue his ways (which I feel like he is) this would be the perfect team. They are the most ignorant team in all of football as we saw in the AFC Championship Game last season. They lost both Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson so the need for a receiver is definitely there. Also if Tom Coughlin decides he wants to stick it to the Cowboys one more time and re-vamp Dez Bryant’s career this is it.

#2 The New Orleans Football Saints

I actually heard this on GMF the other morning and I thought that this sounded pretty favorable for Dez. With the leadership of Sean Payton and Drew Brees, the Saints have the power to turn his career around. With Michael Thomas, he won’t be asked to carry the load and could take the burden off their young receivers. IMO this would give the Saints another step forward in competing in a tough NFC with the likes of the Vikings, Eagles and the #1 team on my list…


I think the Packers are truly going to miss Jordy Nelson, the favorite wide receiver of Aaron Rodgers for the past several years. Randall Cobb has been on a serious decline and while Davante Adams is good, I’m not too sure he’s talented enough to be a #1 receiver. With Dez being a jump-ball tendency receiver, Aaron Rodgers would be the best quarterback for the job. The only problem here is I think the Packers should be looking to get younger on the offensive side of the ball and Dez doesn’t do that but there’s no doubt the fit is there.


Fuck the rumors about the Cleveland Browns, that would be a terrible spot for him to go. End of discussion.

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