Instant Reaction: Redsox 10 BlueJays 7


You’re kidding, right? Mitchy Moreland is a bad man. JBJ is a mediocre man. How about J.D? You saw him in the top of the 8th in the dugout practicing his swing. He Goes out there takes two pitches and then parks his 34th home run and drives in his 97th RBI. That home run made it 5-3 Sox. J.D, Mitch & JBJ were all the sox had tonight offensively combing for all 10 Red Sox runs. Drew Pomeranz is a bum he went 4 2/3 innings. 4 hits 2 runs 1 strikeout 5 walks. 5 fucking walks. Get Drew Pomeranz out of my life. Drew has had one of the worst seasons that I’ve seen in a long time. Basically, Drew Pomeranz is a mental midget and doesn’t have what it takes to pitch in Boston. Brian Johnson is going to take his spot in the rotation and that is a good thing for Red Sox nation. Brian Johnson has passion and pitches with balls. He’s a guy we can all get behind. In his Last start against the Yankees, BJ had 11 strikeouts in 5 innings. This Red Sox Bullpen really scares me, Joe Kelly, Matt Barnes, and Kimbrel and Tyler Thornburg all let up an earned run. Those three guys are supposed to be our end of the game “gauntlet of death” they pitch like a bunch of fairies if you ask me. In the playoffs, the Red Sox bats are not always going to be able to bail this team out when the bullpen shits the bed. It wasn’t pretty for the first 9 innings but as they always do, the Red Sox did not disappoint.

80 wins and 34 Losses

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