Spin or be Spun

SPIN-the act of losing your mind by saying absolutely absurd statements that you begin to have no control of. Poor mental state. “Big skeet came into the dorm room and immideatly started to spin on Willis dimes to the point he left the room.”

This is the first of many articles you will read that will reference the “spin” culture that a group of Merrimack College students out of Andover, MA created. If you haven’t yet wrapped your head around what it means to spin here is an idea of the guys that defined the spin culture.

Flan- wealthy pot head

willis dimes- Arrogant gambler

silly mical- Card shark

Saucy G- Absolute maniac

Big skeet- Fat booze bag

shmurda- Wannabe ghetto white boy

bejunk- foreign cig head

dewey- Absolute liability

crippy- lanky fun stopper

pratty- The gambling midget

Boomer Burt- Beligerent meat head

It is tough to fully comprehend “spinning” until you have sat in a room with these guys. Although, I assure you it wouldn’t take long before you were running for the door for the sake of your own mental sanity. Some may argue that the only way to avoid being spun when caught in a room of spinning people is to spin harder back. Spin or be spun. Wow, that was a lot of spinning. What I mean by that is you have to join in and start saying even more absurd things that make the original spinners jaws drop until there brains can’t handle it and there spin cycle comes to an end. On the other hand, if you do successfully win the spin off you could probably consider yourself officially spun. Unfortunately spinning is extremely contagious and hard to stop until the group of spinners completely separates themselves.

At this point you may ask “why is it so hard to stop spinning?” Man do I wish I knew. Booze, drugs , boredom, stress, school work. All things that may play a part in the spin cycle and a college environment is the perfect place for a basic spin to spiral. Long nights turn into long days and bad decisions turn to worse decisions until you completely rely on external factors to either keep you awake or put you to sleep to a point where you don’t know what the difference is. It’s quite possible that spinning is the healthiest and most stimulating thing our brains do in a college environment. After all the creativity it takes to spin doesn’t come easy.  Maybe we spin because it helps us forget about the everyday stresses of a college degenerate. Checking your bank account, paying your bookie, destroying your body, cheating your way through school, getting your first fortnite win, and the list goes on. When we spin we forget about all that by trying to make others believe the wildest scenarios are realistic in our crazy lives.

So does the spinning stop after college?

Short answer- NO

Long answer-NO, I think it’s safe to say once you’ve been spun so hard you constantly search to add to your spin bank and arm yourself for the next spin off you find yourself in.

That being said, you don’t need others in order to spin. Sometimes you begin to spin in your own head and battle your brain for a breath of fresh air. These are the most dangerous types of spins because they can last for long periods of time and border the line of mental insanity.

Hopefully that’s a decent start to understanding the complex and twisted experience this group of guys has gone through in a short 4 years at a small catholic school in a rural Massachusetts town. Many more detailed experiences to come.


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