Top 3 Baseball Fights of All Time

If you don’t enjoy a nice baseball brawl between some guys who actually hate each other than: A) What is wrong with you and B) Just stop reading this post.

The first Red Sox game I ever attended was against the Yankees on July 24, 2004. One of the craziest and successful years in Red Sox history. After Bronson Arroyo plunked A-Rod with a pitch to the shoulder, things got good. I could barely see the fight from my seat, and it did not help that I was only 8 years old and shorter than the average baseball fan at that point. Fenway Park was LOUD and chanting “Yankees Suck” till you couldn’t even hear the person next to you, that being my dad. Jason Varitek vs. Alex Rodriguez goes down as one of the most iconic Red Sox vs. Yankees moments in history, and will forever be a staple for the rivalry between the two.

Here’s a clip to relive the moment.


Another one of the best fights of all time was Nolan Ryan pummeling Robin Ventura’s face in while holding him in a headlock after charging the mound. Watching this old man   punch a man with a female’s name in the face is so satisfying, especially since he charged the mound. This is one of my favorite clips because at this point in 1993, these guys went at it. There was no messing around and these fights were actual fights, not Bryce Harper throwing his helmet into right field when aiming for the pitcher. Imagine if he actually threw that straight and it nailed Hunter Strickland? That would probably land that fight on this list.

Last and certainly not least, with one of the cleanest punches to the face I’ve seen in a baseball fight, Roughned Odor & Joey Bats, Jose Bautista. After an obnoxious slide into second, Odor took no time at all to get in the face of one of the most overrated players of all time, and eventually crack him in the jaw. I’m not sure if this really should make the list of “All-Time” fights, but in recent history this is one of the best brawls I’ve seen come from the MLB.


Honorable Mentions: Tino Martínez vs. Armando Benitez, great fight between the Yanks and Orioles.

Kyle Farnsworth vs. N/A because he got ROCKED, doesn’t deserve his name on my post.

Joe Kelly vs. Tyler Austin, earned 99 respect points for Joe Kelly in my mind.

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