Top 5 Quarterbacks of All-Time

Quarterback is probably the most important and watched position in all of sports. In football if you don’t have a good quarterback, you essentially have no shot (except if your defense is unreal. Here is my version of the Top 5 Quarterbacks of All-Time and some of you are probably going to disagree.


#5 John Elway

I think if it weren’t for the way Elway started his career and if he had won at least one more of his Super Bowl appearances, Elway would be higher on this list. But either way he had a stellar career. Top 10 in nearly all statistical categories relevant to Quarterbacks. He’s also the only player in NFL History to rush for a touchdown in 4 Superbowls (totally irrelevant statistic). When it comes to Denver Broncos football, I think the first person that comes to everyones mind is John Elway and is totally desrving of this list.


#4 Joe Montana

Please please don’t stop reading this article, I know most people have him ranked number 1 or 2 but hear me out. Joe Montana was a fantastic Quarterback, won 4 Superbowls and played on some of the greatest teams ever. To me, the greatness of the teams he was on takes away from what he had accomplished. Hell, I could throw to Jerry Rice too. Dwight Clark wasn’t a scrub either. Also his defense was practically unbeatable infact gave up less than 21 points in all 4 Superbowls. I think it’s important to note that Montana only played in 4 full seasons and missed a few games in the others. The best ability is availability. But I’m not going to get too crazy here. Montana was lights out in all 4 of those Superbowls with a crazy 127 QBR and an 11-0 TD to INT ratio. There’s no way were talking about that 49ers dynasty without Joe Montana.


#3 Peyton Manning

*Throwing up violently. I hate Peyton Manning, it hurts me to even have him on this list. But lets give credit where it’s due. Peyton was a 5-time MVP, 2-time Superbowl Champion and has the most passing yards and touchdowns in NFL History. Lets not forget about that magical 56 touchdown season either, that is a ridiculous amount of fucking touchdowns. LMK if you can do that in Madden. But he continuously choked in big games earlier on in his career and some years seemed to be interception proned. If not for that, there would be nothing stopping Peyton Manning from being the GOAT.

Dan marino.jpeg

#2 Dan Marino

Yea yea yea, I know what you are all thinking! I’m on some serious drugs. To be honest, Dan Marino is the BEST thrower of the football in NFL History meaning he can make any throw. Well he could have made any throw. In a day and age where passing the football wasn’t huge, to have 48 touchdowns in one year is absolutely amazing. I listen to a lot of old time players and they all say the same thing about him being the best thrower of the football and often compare Aaron Rodgers to him. Marino had several 30 plus touchdown and 4,000 plus yard seasons which again is huge back in the day. Unfortunately Marino never got that Superbowl that he deserved and often struggled in the playoffs unlike the #1 guy who we all know pretty well…

#1 Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.

5 Superbowl Victories (8 appearances, RIDICULOUS), 3 MVP awards (one at age 40) and near the top in all statistcal categories for a quarterback. I could go on and on all day about this guy’s statistics and the impact he’s had on the New England area but I think the tattoo of his face on my ass says it all. It’s laughable to me that people still try and argue that he’s not the best ever. It’s not debatable anymore people. Tom Brady is the greatest ever and will probably stay that way for the forseeable future. SO HATERS KEEP HATING!



NOTABLE MENTIONS: Drew Brees, Johnny Unitas, Troy Aikman, Steve Young and Brett Favre (HAHAHA NOT REALLY)


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