I Hate Tiger Woods

I, for one, hate Tiger Woods. The dude hasn’t been relevant in golf for nearly 10 years? and has done decent in the past couple tournaments and that’s all people can talk about. How about Brooks Koepka? Guy has won 2 of the biggest golf tournaments this year and gets no credit. All people can talk about is how Tiger came in 2nd or 5th or fucking 95th. Since when does America celebrate non-champions? The last time I checked we don’t or at least I don’t and here are two reasons why it bothers me the most:


For one, does anyone remember Tiger Woods cheating on his wife with about 3 dozen women? Talk about hypocrisy. The same people who cheer on Tiger now, are the same people that give President Trump shit for having “affairs” during his marriage. Now I can understand how Trump can rub people the wrong way but if you are going to give him shit for his affairs you have to do the same for Tiger. It’s pathetic that people continue to cheer this guy on, personally I thrived when Tiger was struggling. It was hilarious, he got what he deserved. He pretty much ruined his family’s lives and people are begging for him to return to normal form. Get the hell out of here.

And second (I kinda mentioned this earlier) but since when does America celebrate second place? Last time I remembered, nearly a month and a half ago, people were giving LeBron James shit for losing to the Golden State Warriors who have 4 fucking All Stars. So let’s get this straight, LeBron can put it all on the line, be a class-act off the court and come in 2nd and people ridicule him like no belief. But Tiger fucking Woods, the ultimate scum bag can come in 2nd and all of a sudden he’s dominate again? Give me a fucking break. Don’t even get me started on Tom Brady either. People will give him shit for losing this past Super Bowl but his defense gave up 41 POINTS and his shit bag coach didn’t play one of their top defensive players and somehow it’s his fault. After smashing every Super Bowl Passing record, fuck it every Playoff Passing record. Give me Tom Brady and LeBron James over Tiger Woods any day of the fucking week.

TB12 LBJ.jpg

The reason this bothers me so much is cause people put Tiger in this huge spotlight and then you have children looking up to him. As a future hopeful father, I don’t want children looking up to this douche. I want them looking up to class-acts like Tom Brady and LeBron. The only thing children should learn from Tiger is having everything in the World and ruining that with 45 dumb mistakes and how that can affect their life. Cause Tiger had it all going and now he’s just golf fans only hope at getting the sport big again. Personally I’m not a fan of watching golf, probably never will but if Tiger is the only thing you guys got going for you, you have a serious problem.

Fuck you Tiger.


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