NFL Coaches on the Hot-Seat

Each year in the NFL it’s a guarantee that 5 to 7 coaches will be fired come season’s end. Whether that has to do with performance, attitude, formation of the team and sometimes even dumb general manager decisions. These are my top “bets” of guys who will be fired by the end of the 2018 season:

marvin lewis.jpg

  1. Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati Bengals

It is absolutely mind-blowing to me how this guy still has a job. In fact, it was rumored that he was already fired this offseason but still somehow remained with the team. He has never won a playoff game, only won the division once maybe twice and has completely lost control of his team (see Burfict, Adam “Pacman” Jones). The Bengals are a joke of an organization for keeping this guy around and it wouldn’t shock me if they kept him after a 4-12 season in 2018.

Replacement: Defensive Coordinator George Edwards, Minnesota Vikings


2. Hue Jackson, Cleveland Browns

Another guy I am absolutely shocked still maintained his job following a 1-15 season and 0-16 season for a combined record of 1-31! Hue Jackson has no right to be a head coach in this league. Honestly this guy was one of the better offensive coordinators this league had to offer and I think this is the route he should further pursue. Granted he hasn’t had much talent but as the Head Coach that is your job, to get players better.

Replacement: Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael, New Orleans Saints

3. Dirk Koetter, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is the last guy on my list who also should have been fired following last year. The Buccaneers were a lot of people’s sleeper teams last year and severely struggled. It also seems as if he not only stunted the growth of Franchise QB Jameis Winston but also doesn’t get along with the guy. As an organization, you always should side with your franchise QB over a shitty, mediocre coach. I think this guy was the Head Coach of Syracuse before taking this job, a school more known for it’s basketball team..

Replacement: Offensive Coordinator Matt LaFleur, Tennessee Titans


4. Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys

Get this guy the hell out of Dallas! He has done nothing, despite being surrounded by talent. He had one good season as a coach and lost in the divisional round as a result. I don’t expect the Cowboys to be any good this year and with the way the defense has been playing the last few years, this guy just needs to go. But of course Jerry Jones loves him for whatever reason and this probably wouldn’t happen but if I had any control of America’s Team, he would be gone.

Replacement: Head Coach Jim Harbaugh, University of Michigan


5. Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks

If you told me 3 years ago, that this is where the Seattle Seahawks would be in 2018, I would’ve thought you were on some serious drugs. But this guy has lost complete control of his team and the Legion of Boom is now the Legion of Doom. Meaning they are all gone. Sherman is on the 49ers, Earl Thomas wants out and Kam Chancellor retired due to injuries. This offense isn’t getting any better either. At his age, this could be Carroll’s last season in the league if fired and it’s sad to think about what could’ve been if he just handed the ball of to Marshawn Lynch..

Replacement: Defensive Coordinator Todd Wash, Jacksonville Jaguars


Granted I don’t know much about Coordinators but all of the replacements I have picked have done amazing jobs in their current situations. Wash and Edwards have led the top defenses this past year and seems like they will this year too. Carmichael has led a high-powered Saints offense for years and is one of the more respected OC’s in the game. LaFleur led the Rams offense to highest scoring offense in the league last year and takes over the Titans offense this year so we will see his success travel there hopefully. And Jim Harbaugh to the Cowboys? Would there be a bigger story in sports? That would be awesome!

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