Young, Dumb and Yet-to-Be Spun: Prank Calling Hookers

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Ahhh the early 2010’s, a simpler age.  You could be weird without shouting for acceptance from the world.  You could tell jokes, not worrying whether or not the person next to would get triggered.  And, thanks to the lovely people at,  you could hire a respectable young ‘Lady of the Night’ to come over and take a whack at your taint for a small fee.

However, for a fourteen-fifteen year old Big Skeeter and me, it was perfect way to make the winters in shitty-shitty Connecticut bearable.  Two, yet-to-be-spun lads looking for some laughs in our dumpy/boring town. One man on the desktop, another on the phone.  God, these hookers never stood a fucking chance against our pubescent humor.

HAHA.  I am tickled pink every time Lil’ Skeety says “That’s alright, I don’t need to know your name, we ain’t gonna be on a first name basis.”  His little soul, yet to be tainted by those decent folks up in Merrimack, laughing all the way.  God we were funny little bastards.  What the hell happened?

We kept it going for a few more videos, seven to be exact.

You ever look back on those old days, before college, where you could ride your bike anywhere you needed to be.  When the sun went down,  prolonged episodes of ding-dong-ditch against the good folks of our town would ensue.

Damn, I’m catching some nostalgic feels.

But, and I think that most you would agree, college was something else.  A different animal.  The never-before-experienced freedom, a wealth of people you would’ve never met otherwise, and all the time in the world.   And nothing brought this to light more so than the literal handful of times I went up to Merrimack to visit my hometown pal at school.  There I saw it.  There I witnessed the foundations for what is now called “The Spin Factory.”

And our lives changed for the better… or worse.

What the fuck do I know?


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