Life after college

Life after college….lol. Well, I’m currently writing this article on a coach bus from Boston to NH in a polo and dress pants. So, based off my first article, yes, life after college is still SPUN AS FUCK.

You graduated! Congrats! …. sike, that’s a fucking joke. Stay in college as long as you can. Even if your spinning and you think you need to get out of that place, your wrong. At least in college, your not completely miserable 24/7 even if it is because of all the shit you put in your system to make you feel otherwise. Let’s face it, we just came off the longest bender of our lives. We saw shit that we never seen before and will never see again. There was no such thing as responsibility, at least not any that really mattered to kids like us. There were no real consequences, no issues that couldn’t be solved with a drunk fight, no real stress at all to be honest.

Now your in the real world. You might think,”sweet, I can make a ton of money, I’m gonna run up the ladder in my new company, and retire early because I’m the shit.” Well, let me be the first to tell you that your dreams are not going to come true. It’s a grind is a understatement, and life after college is in fact miserable. Now to be fair, I haven’t even been out of college long and adults reading this are probably laughing. You know what, fuck those adults because there a lot closer to ending the misery than me. Maybe I’m just experiencing some culture shock, but the fact that I have no checkpoints, no end of the tunnel, no breaks in sight is terrifying. 45 more years of the same thing. Commuting into the city, making phone calls 9-5, and hating your boss, all just to repeat it the next day. Well at least you have the weekend, right? Well, not really. You get home on Friday, your tired. You try your best to go out and black the fuck out Saturday but your still kinda tired. Sunday? Forget about Sunday, it’s the most miserable day of the week knowing your about to start the cycle all over again.

“Your 20s are the best time of your life!” Hahah, that’s a load of shit. Sure, you meet new people, you may go out a few nights to the bar after work, your making real money, but in the end it’s all just to continue to be miserable. It’s quite possible it’s not completely our fault it’s this way, after all if your just coming out of college, you grew up pretty spoiled. No, I’m not saying all of you were babied or pampered growing up. Just the simple fact you got to grow up in a world that was so fucking sick. Late 90s thru the early to mid 2000s was a legitimate gift. The world was so different. Life was more simple. We were young, we could run wild till dark and not have a worry in the world. We watched some of the greatest sports dynasty’s, things were cheaper, music actually resonated with your everyday life, and business was BOOMING.

What happened? Well, I’m not smart enough to really know to be honest. People say the market crashed, regulations got more strict, the worlds more dangerous. All may be very well true but the thing I notice the most is the people. People in this world are not the same as they used to be. They’re more serious, they’re mean, they’re all about themselves, and they don’t plan on changing.

Sooooo, I ask myself, “am I miserable because the world is going down the tubes right in front of my eyes and a spun boy like myself can’t do anything to stop it. Or is being a spun boy one of the last true normal things I have left that I’m hanging on too.

College- the last non miserable event in my young life.

Life after college- miserable until proven otherwise.

I suppose only time will tell………

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