Madden 19 is… Madden 18

Its that time of year again…

For some reason, the powers-that-be decided that periodically throughout the year, young sports fans have to dump sixty dollars of their not so hardworking money into the various games replicated with minor adjustment and roster updates.

You ever think about that? Sixty bucks for the same game year in and year out, multiplied over and over depending on your game preference. Personally, I’m a big 2K guy, love Madden and I’ll usually dabble with either NHL or The Show depending on my mood. But it’s the same game…

I recently got the prestigious Madden 19. My review: its remarkably similar to its predecessor, Madden 18. It has the same problems. Tackling is ridiculous. Screen passes are either touchdowns or an automatic pick-six against you. And of course, the glitch during online play that’ll just ruin your day. Maybe even the rest of your week.

Whatever. I’m a slave to the good people over at EA Sports. I’ll pay my sixty dollar annual fee just to play as the Patriots, simulating their games every Sunday for some weird reason of mine. But what do I know?

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