To Adam Silver: The 76ers Don’t Deserve to be Our Rivals Yet

Took a look at the Celtic’s schedule the other day.  You would think that the arguably most prime-time special games of the NBA season,  opening night and Christmas Day, would feature one of the most legendary rivalry in sports… Celtics and Lakers.  LeBron’s recent, off-season retreat from Cleveland to the west coast; I can’t think of a better battleground for this rivalry that has been the highlight of professional basketball for over half a century.

But, no.  Mr. Silver has decided that the Celtics are set to play the Philadelphia 76ers on both opening day and on Christmas.  Really, Mr. Commissioner?  This is the rivalry you want to establish?  Yeah, the Celtics and Lakers have only played twelve championship series against one another, no big deal.  And those cowards in Los Angeles finally decide to purchase some talent and you still cant make this happen.  Adam, I’m begging you, sir.

The 76ers?  That’s who you want to pair my Celtics with during the most popular games in the NBA’s regular season?  They had one good year last year winning 52 games.  They won 28 games the season before that, and 10 the year before that.  Adam, buddy, pal…  This is the team you want to waste perfectly good television spots on one of the few great talents remaining in the East?  Those bums?

Mr. Commissioner, its  bad enough I have to see Joel “Made of Glass” Embiid’s trolling my boy Aaron Baynes on twitter.  You got us, Joel, haha.  The third pick in the 2014 draft is, in fact, more talented than the undrafted Australian fellow.  You got him, Joel.  But our eighth man still defended you and had you gasping for air by the end of every third quarter in that playoff series.

Is Ben Simmons going to be leading the vanguard against the Celtics?  Good luck.  My jumper looks like Ray Allen’s compared to his broken shot.  He scored one point against us in a playoff game as  starting point guard.  One point!  It would almost be laughable if it wasn’t sadder than “Marley & Me.”

Whatever, Mr. Silver.  Let us take these clowns on opening night, and then again on Christmas day.  I don’t care.  A win is a win.  I’m just trying to look out for you here.  There’s money to be made on ads and merch, buddy.  Let the Celtics take on the retreating King who fled Ohio for the West Coast.

Food for thought, Commissioner

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