Eric Decker: The Greatest Patriot Who Ever Lived?

People like to bring up the “greats” a lot when discussing sports, football not excluded. Especially for New England Patriot fans, these types of discussions can be, as you might say, narrow minded. I know it’s tempting to go with the mainstream media’s conformist answer of “Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. The Second” as the greatest to ever put on a Patriots’ jersey. But I think people are forgetting one important statistic.

Tom Brady may be good, but dwindles in the legacy that Eric Decker leaves behind, which cannot be matched by nearly any other Patriot player. You can check my math on this one, fellow Spin Factory subscribers, but I’m pretty sure this is bulletproof:

Tom Brady has, in fact, loss a regular game as a Patriot, yes? Hmmm. And if I’m also correct on the other end, Eric Decker has never lost a regular season game for the Patriots. Hmmm.

The undefeated god of a receiver that is Eric Decker will go up in the rafters of the New England Patriot’s long-written history. His tenacity and unwillingness to lose is incomparable to any I’ve ever seen before. The only other thing that comes even close to this is the great Martellus Bennett’s nearly undefeated 2018 playoff run. Hmm.

Okay, you got me, I’ll give credit where credit is due, Martellus Bennett is the second best New England Patriot of all time. It goes:

1st Eric Decker

2nd Martellus Bennett

and going home with the bronze metal is…

3rd New England Patriots Legend Ras-I Dowling

Rest In Peace Eric Decker, you will be missed, sweet prince.

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