Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks

Quarterback is the toughest position in all of sports. You gotta be the leader on and off the field, have to be respected and most importantly you have to perform when it matters most. This list is based off pure/raw talent, last year’s performance and a little foreshadowing when it comes to this year. Here it is:


10. Andrew Luck

Luck gets a lot of shit thrown his way, but let’s be honest. When this guy is healthy he is elite. Guy led an average-at best team around him to an AFC Championship only a few years ago, was a former first overall pick and if he is able to stay healthy this year, there is no reason he shouldn’t be mentioned in the Top-10 conversation. With another terrible team around him, I don’t see the Colts making much noise this year.

9. Deshaun Watson

Watson was able to show us flashes of greatness last year before he went down. New year, the Texans are healthy and should be a legitimate AFC contender. With Watson at the helm, a guy who can both throw and run the ball with great efficiency, it gives opposing defenses tremendous disadvantages. Watson has a tough test right out of the gate against the Patriots and I’m sure he will not disappoint.

8. Philip Rivers

I love Phil the Drill and I was so tempted to have him a little higher on the list cause the guy just produces. No matter what team he has had around him, Rivers has always found a way to produce. I think the Chargers have a chance to make some noise this year and Philip Rivers will be a huge part of that as he climbs the all-time record books. You heard it here first, Chargers to the Super Bowl this year.


7. Matthew Stafford

Just like Rivers, I LOVE Matt Stafford. Guy can absolutely sling the ball, has the strongest arm in the NFL, hands down. He’s gonna have close to 5,000 yards almost every year but I’d like to see the Lions in the playoffs and how he would perform. In a tough division, it’s going to be hard to do but I think the Lions are up for the task.

6. Matt Ryan

Two years removed from an MVP season, Matt Ryan is looking to prove he ain’t a one year wonder. Ryan has shown he can be good at most times but has yet to prove he can be great at all times. I expect the Falcons to have another great year, but will they be able to go over the hump? If so, I think Matt Ryan has another MVP-caliber season.


5. Russell Wilson

Hmmm Russell Wilson, where do I start? Number 1 fantasy QB last year, and in an offense that clearly revolves around only him, I expect that stat to be the same this year. There’s no doubt Wilson is one of the best talents in the league with his ability to avoid the rush and sling the ball. Never gets hurt, great leader all around. I don’t expect the Seahawks to be any good this year but Wilson will make them worth the watch. If it wasn’t for a costly Super Bowl interception (by Malcolm Butler, at the goal line) he could be higher on this list.

4. Carson Wentz

Hate to put any Eagles on any of my lists, but this dude Carson Wentz can ball. His injury concerns me this season as Foles was named the starter for Week 1 which means Wentz probably isn’t fully healthy. You would hate to see a QB with this talent crumble early in his career due to injury (see Andrew Luck). Wentz has one of the strongest arms in the league, one of the highest Football IQs and is a big boy that takes a lot to get taken down. I think the Eagles have a chance at repeating but only if this man plays. If Foles plays more than 4 games, the Eagles could have a very rough year on their hands.


3. Drew Brees

This man doesn’t get enough credit at all. He’s Top 5 in all statistical categories that relate to a Quarterback, All-Time. Always finds himself atop the passing yards league leader. If he was able to find the endzone a bit more, he could definitely be one spot higher on this list. But the Saints haven’t been to the Super Bowl since 2010 (lowkey great Super Bowl) and this year might be there best chance in a long time to win the damn thing. People talk about Tom Brady defying odds with age but this guy is out here doing similar things. Give credit where its due.


2. Aaron Rodgers

Just received the biggest contract in NFL History when it comes to annual average and guaranteed money. Deservingly so. We have never ever seen a talent like Aaron Rodgers come around before and likely we will never see again. The reason he isn’t number 1 is because he often comes up short in playoff games and while this is a “right now” list as opposed to all-time, when you have two QBS with as much talent as these two, you gotta put that into factor. But there’s no man in all of sports I am more scared of to play than that BAAAAAAD MAN Aaron Rodgers.

  1. Tom Brady

Coming off another MVP season at age 40, 41 year old Tom Brady is looking to do it again. As a Patriots fan, this guy is fucking invincible. I don’t think I need to go on and on about how great this guy is but I have a question for all of you : Knowing what we know now, 4 years ago, would you give Tom Brady the same contract Aaron Rodgers was given recently? 4 years ago at age 36/37, he’s gone on to 3 of the last 4 Super Bowls, winning two of them, an MVP and 4 AFC Championship appearances, I don’t know how you don’t give him that money.


People I kept off the list cause they are overrated (@ me) : Ben Roethlisberger and Cam Newton, they stink at throwing the football.

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