NFL Power Rankings 1-32

1. Los Angeles Rams

Best team in the NFL on Paper. Let’s see if they can produce on the field.

2. Minnesota Vikings 

3. New Orleans Saints

4. Philadelphia Eagles

No Wentz to start the season, Let’s see the Eagles on the field first before we start talking repeat.

5. New England Patriots

Lots of holes for the Patriots but having the best player in the World can always negate that.

6. Atlanta Falcons

7. Pittsburgh Steelers

8. Los Angeles Chargers

9. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are still good. Their defense looked improved in the Preseason and Newton/McCaffery combo is versatile.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars

11. Houston Texans

Texans get Watson and Watt back, sign the Honeybadger and will certainly be a tough outing come AFC Playoffs.

12. Green Bay Packers

13. Tennessee Titans

14. New York Giants

The Eagles should watch out for the Giants this year. Odell is back and will look better than ever.

15. Dallas Cowboys

16. Kansas City Chiefs

17. Seattle Seahawks

18. Baltimore Ravens

19. Detroit Lions

The Lions have a great chance to climb this board depending on the play of Matt Football Stafford.

20. Denver Broncos

21. Oakland Raiders

Without Khalil Mack, the Raiders defense is bad at-best. Their offense struggled heavily last year so let’s see what Jon Gruden is made of.

22. Cleveland Browns

23. San Francisco 49ers

Jimmy G improves San Fran a little bit but not too much. Still way too many holes on that team.

24. Chicago Bears

25. Washington Redskins

26. New York Jets

27. Arizona Cardinals

28. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are BAD, and Andy Dalton struggled heavily last year. Marvin Lewis isn’t getting any better with age either.

29. Indianapolis Colts

30. Buffalo Bills

The Bills are garbage and the news of Nathan Peterman starting makes them even worse.

31. Miami Dolphins

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I expect Tampa Bay to be the worst team in football this year. No Winston the first 3 games is going to hurt them a lot too.

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