Week 1 Preview by Spin Factory

Spin Factory went through every game and chose the winner of each game and even a little feedback. It’s certainly amazing to have football back, it almost seems like life is about to get back on track here. Let us know what you think:

Falcons at Eagles

     Sauce: Falcons, “The Super Bowl Hangover Begins, it’s not even gonna be close either”

      Bshan: Eagles

       Flan: Falcons, “Flying with the Falcons”

       El Capitano: Eagles, What are you stupid?? FIGHT EAGLES FIGHT”

       Dimes: Falcons, Matt Ryan and the Falcons will curbstomp the Eagles.”

       Burt: Falcons, “Nick Foles stinks, Super Bowl was a fluke. Roll Falcons”

       AlectheAccountant: Falcons, “Matty ice is out for some vengeance. Nick Foles is boring. Falcons by 10”

Bengals at Colts

      Sauce: Bengals

      Bshan: Bengals

       Flan: Colts

        El Capitano: Colts, “<3 Andrew Luck”

        Dimes: Bengals, This game will be a shit fight but I’m bowling with the Bengals.”

        Burt: Bengals, Fuck this game”

        AlecTheAccountant: Colts, Luck is back baby. I bet the Colts all last year with Jacoby ..don’t test me. Colts all day”


Bills at Ravens

      Sauce: Bills, “Joe Flacco plays horrible and the Lamar Jackson rumors flourish”

      Bshan: Bills “(probably gonna change this one in a by next week)”

       Flan: Ravens

       El Capitano: Ravens, Ravens by 24″

       Dimes: Ravens, Ravens by triple digits”

       Burt: Ravens, “I mean is this a question”

       AlecTheAccountant: Ravens

Buccaneers at Saints

      Sauce: Saints

      Bshan: Saints

       Flan: Saints

       El Capitano: Saints

       Dimes: Saints, Ryan Fitzpatrick lol. Saints by a lot of touchdowns.”

       Burt: Saints, “This game could have been fun but Saints”

       AlecTheAccountant: Saints *(pray hand emojis)

Texans at Patriots

      Sauce: Patriots, “I’ve never been to a Patriots game in which they lost, 13-0” 

      Bshan: Patriots

       Flan: Patriots

       El Capitano: Patriots

        Dimes: Patriots, Tom Brady”

        Burt: Patriots, “we don’t lose two in a row”

         AlecTheAccountant: Patriots, This has game of the week written all over it. Go Pats”

49ers at Vikings

      Sauce: Vikings

      Bshan: Vikings

       Flan: Vikings

       El Capitano: Vikings

        Dimes: Vikings,Vikings win. 49ers cover”

        Burt: Vikings

         AlecTheAccountant: Vikings, I love Jimmy G this year but he’s in for a wake up call. Vikings defense wins it.”

Titans at Dolphins

      Sauce: Titans

      Bshan: Titans

       Flan: Titans

       El Capitano: Titans

       Dimes: Titans

        Burt: Titans

        AlecTheAccountant: Titans, “Remember Patriot fans were scared for one quarter last year in the playoffs.”


Jaguars at Giants

       Sauce: Giants, “Fuck the Jaguars, they get a rude awakening Week 1.”

        Bshan: Jaguars

        Flan: Jaguars

         El Capitano: Jaguars, “Both teams suck”

         Dimes: Giants.

         Burt: Giants, “Jalen Ramsey talks too much” 

         AlecTheAccountant: Giants, I have Barkley and OBJ in one of my fantasy leagues. Giants please and thank you”

Steelers at Browns

      Sauce: Steelers

      Bshan: Steelers

       Flan: Steelers 

        El Capitano: Steelers

        Dimes: Browns, Because they deserve one”

        Burt: Steelers

        AlecTheAccountant: Steelers, “Rumors of Bell not playing week one. Big fan of the browns thanks to Hard Knocks but I’m going Black and Yellow here.”

Chiefs at Chargers

       Sauce: Chargers

       Bshan: Chargers

         Flan: Chiefs

        El Capitano: Chargers

        Dimes: Chiefs

        Burt: Chargers, Chargers all day”

        AlecTheAccountant: Chargers, “Phil the Drill”

cam newton.jpg

Cowboys at Panthers

       Sauce: Cowboys, “Probably the toughest game to choose from this week, Zeke has a day”

        Bshan: Panthers

        Flan: ummmmmmmm” Cowboys

        El Capitano: Panthers,Jerry’s boys take an L”

         Dimes: Panthers, “Lots of points in this one”

         Burt: Panthers, “In a blow out”

        AlecTheAccountant: Panthers, “Cam Newton is ripped.”

Redskins at Cardinals

       Sauce: Redskins

        Bshan: Redskins

        Flan: Redskins

       El Capitano: Skins

       Dimes: Cardinals, Sammy No ACL will lead the Cards by the Skins”

       Burt: Skins

       AlecTheAccountant: Cardinals, David Johnson is back, Cardinals in a close one.”

Seahawks at Broncos

       Sauce: Broncos

       Bshan: Seahawks

        Flan: Broncos

        El Capitano: Broncos

        Dimes:Broncos, Broncos by a TD”

         Burt: Seahawks

        AlecTheAccountant: Seahawks

Bears at Packers

       Sauce: Packers

        Bshan: Packers

        Flan: Packers

        El Capitano: Packers, “Discount double check the Packers by a million in this one”

         Dimes: Packers

         Burt: Packers

         AlecTheAccountant: Packers, THAT’S A BAD MAN”


Jets at Lions

       Sauce: Lions, “Matt Stafford proves on National TV why he’s a legitimate MVP Candidate”

        Bshan: Lions

       Flan: Lions

        El Capitano: Lions

        Dimes: Lions

        Burt: Lions, “easily”

        AlecTheAccountant: Lions, ^What Sauce said”

Rams at Raiders

       Sauce: Rams, “They might go undefeated this year”

       Bshan: Rams, “I think Derek Carr is probably bad”

       Flan: Rams

       El Capitano: Rams

       Dimes: Rams

        Burt: Rams, “easy money”  

        AlecTheAccountant: Rams, “But don’t count out Oakland at home.”


UPSET of the Week:

       Sauce: Giants over Jaguars, “Not too sure about the Jaguars this year and the Giants still have a tough team. We’ll see.”

Flan: “Not too many upsets but I think the Chiefs take  game 1 over the Chargers, but the Chargers have the better season”

        El Capitano: “If I wasn’t such a cock sucker and didn’t care about my record. I’m going big upsets with the Browns and 49’ers”

        Dimes: “The Bengals are going to embarass the Colts and that sissy Andrew Luck.”

         Burt: “The Browns over the Steelers. No leveon, and baker leads a comeback in the second half to take em to the promise land”

         AlecTheAccountant: “Not to sure if this is an upset since they are at home but the Cardinals.”

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