I am sick to my stomach after watching tonights “Football Game”

Have a fucking flag why don’t you. This game SUCKED, possibly one of the worst football games that I have ever watched. It was almost like neither team wanted to win the game just trading sacks and interceptions.

This shit fight started off really hot with the Falcons pissing away an opening touchdown drive by getting stuffed on 4th down and the rest of the half was just a mixture of disgusting football and dick for of quarterback play and 2 field goals for 43-year-old Matt Bryant and 1 field goal for Jake Elliott.

The second half was not much better for the two Quarterbacks, Matt Ryan and his jello arm threw a HUGE interception in the red zone late in the 3rd quarter, which was then followed up by a Nick Foles interception. The rest of the game ended with three rushing touchdowns, 2 for Jay Ajai and 1 for Tevin Coleman. The Falcons had their chance to walk it off with a buzzer-beating touchdown but Matt Ryan just threw 4 uncatchable balls inside the 5-yard line.

This game makes that Superbowl loss for the Patriots hurt that much more. Nick Foles…. are you kidding??? Nick Foles went 19/34 passing the ball with 117 yards and an interception tonight. 6 months ago that bum won a Superbowl MVP and threw for 373 yards and 3 fucking touchdowns against Tom Bady’s Patriots. I just mentally got over that Superbowl loss and now I am back to being triggered as fuck. Also, If I have to watch the “Philly Speical” again I will LAUNCH.

I had the Falcons +1 parlayed with the Under of 45. That’s on me.

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