Week 2 NFL Preview

Week 2 brings some interesting games throughout the league. It also still has some shitty games but that’s football. But we run through every game here.

Ravens at Bengals

    Sauce: Ravens

    AlecTheAccountant: Ravens

    Bshan: Ravens, “Although it would be very Ravens-like to get blown out by the Bengals”

     Flan: Ravens, “Can’t tell how good they really are after stomping the worst team in the league but Andy Dalton is a fraud”

    El Capitano: Ravens, “I am going to put so much money on Joe Flacco and the Ravens I may die trying”

    Burt: Ravens, “I hate joe Flacco, but roll ravens”

    Dimes: Bengals, “I took the Bengals and I hate myself”

mahomes 3.jpg

Chiefs at Steelers

    Sauce: Chiefs, “they always get the best of Big Ben Roethlisberger

    AlecTheAccountant: “ummmm” Steelers  

    Flan: Chiefs, “very good start for them, embarrassing start for the Steelers”

    El Capitano: Chiefs, If you aren’t all over Chiefs Moneyline you should probably launch

    Bshan: Steelers. “Vegas wants you to bet chiefs. And that’s scaring me.

    Burt: Chiefs

    Dimes: Steelers, “Cheifs cover steelers win”

Dolphins at Jets

    Sauce: Jets

    AlecTheAccountant: J.E.T.S

    Flan: Jets

    El Capitano: Jets, “MVP Darnold and the Jets put on another clinic”

    Bshan: Jets

    Burt: Jets

    Dimes: Jets, Id rather watch gay porn than watch this game but Jets”

Eagles at Buccaneers

    Sauce: Eagles, “Fitzpatrick can’t win two big games in a row.”

    AlecTheAccountant: Eagles

    Flan: Eagles

    El Capitano: Buccaneers, “Eagles can suck a fat one after last week, roll Fitzpatrick and the pirates from Tampa”

    Bshan: Eagles

    Burt: Eagles

    Dimes: Birds

Browns at Saints

     Sauce: Saints

     AlecTheAccountant: Saints

     Flan: Saints

     El Capitano: Saints, “Browns got lucky last week but might cover here”

     Bshan:  Saints. “It will be closer than we thought though”

     Burt: Saints, “the browns won’t stop em.”

     Dimes: Saints, “Saints will win but Im def betting the browns money line”

Colts at Redskins

    Sauce: Redskins

    AlecTheAccountant: Skins

    Flan: Colts

    El Capitano: Redskins, “Cowboy Smith is gonna saddle up these Colts by 20”

    Bshan: Colts

    Burt: Skins

    Dimes; Skins

Chargers at Bills

    Sauce: Chargers, “the Bills STINK”

    AlecTheAccountant: Chargers, “Phil the Drill”

    Flan: Chargers

    El Capitano: Chargers, “Bills go 0-16 hot take”

    Bshan: Chargers. “Bills suck”

    Burt: Chargers 

    Dimes: Chargers

A rodg

Vikings at Packers

    Sauce: Packers

    AlecTheAccountant: Vikings

    Flan: Vikings

    El Capitano: Vikings

    Bshan: Packers

    Burt: Packers, “I hate Aaron Rogers but go pack”

    Dimes: Pack

Panthers at Falcons

     Sauce: Panthers

     AlecTheAccountant: Panthers

     Flan: Panthers, “ML +195 HAMMER”

     El Capitano: Panthers, “SHOW ME THE MONEY JERRY MAQUIRE, Matty Ice has a cold clam”

     Bshan:  Falcons.  “Cam Newton steals computers”

     Burt: Panthers

     Dimes: Panthers

Watson 4.jpg

Texans at Titans

    Sauce: Texans, “Marcus Mariota is so overrated”

    AlecTheAccountant: Texans.. “Watson bounces back from a tough day against New England”

    Flan: Texans, “Texans by 10”

    El Capitano: Texans, “Watson is the best play to ever set foot in the ACC”

    Bshan: Texans

    Burt: Texans

    Dimes: Titans

Cardinals at Rams

    Sauce: Rams

    AlecTheAccountant: LA Rams

    Flan: Rams

    El Capitano: Rams, “Cardinals 0-16”

   Bshan: Rams

   Burt: Rams

   Dimes: Rams

Lions at 49ers

    Sauce: Lions, “Matt Stafford is elite as fuck. Come to New England when Tom’s gone.”

    AlecTheAccountant: Lions, “Once again, couldn’t have said it better myself ^^”

    Flan: 49ers, “Jimmy will bounce back”

    El Capitano: 49ers, “Jimmy needs a little California sun to get back in the swing of things”

    Bshan: Lions

    Burt: Lions,Lions in a come back week”

    Dimes: 49ers, “Jimmy G”

Raiders at Broncos

    Sauce: Broncos

    AlecTheAccountant: Raiders

    Flan: Broncos

    El Capitano: Broncos,This will be a bloodbath”

    Bshan: Broncos.

    Burt: Raiders

    Dimes: Raiders


Patriots at Jaguars

     Sauce: Jaguars, “See you in January”

     AlecTheAccountant: Patriots

     Flan: Patriots, “Blake Bortles is not good, nor will he ever will be”

     El Capitano: Patriots, “Fuck you Jalen Ramsey”

     Bshan: Patriots

     Burt: Patriots

    Dimes: Patriots, “Put your parents house on Tom and Bill”

Giants at Cowboys

     Sauce: Giants, “the Cowboys looked awful against the Panthers”

     AlecTheAccountant: Giants

     Flan: Cowboys, “such an irrelevant game”

     El Capitano: Giants, “Jerrys World will go up and flames and Garret will be on the hot seat”

     Bshan: Giants

     Burt: Giants

     Dimes: G-men

Seahawks at Bears

    Sauce: Da Bears

     AlecTheAccountant: Hawks.. “Toughest game of the week

     Flan: Bears, “idk

     El Capitano: Bears, “Khalil Mack with the handoff to Ditka, its a hook and ladder to Uralcher, TOUCHDOWN Trubitsky, I don’t know it’s gunna be a weird one”

    Bshan: BearsLove that deep-dish. Gimme Chicago

    Burt: Bears

     Dimes- Da Bears


Overall Records:

    1.Capitano: 10-5-1

    2.Willis Dimes: 9-6-1

  1. BShan: 9-6-1

    2.Flan: 9-6-1

5.Burt: 8-7-1

6. Sauce: 7-8-1

7. AlecTheAccountant: 6-9-1

Fuck you Chris.

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