Week 3 NFL Preview

Week 3:

Jets at Browns

   Sauce: Browns, “they deserve this one..”

   AlecTheAccountant: Browns, “ummm the Browns could have easily been 2-0 if they had a decent kicker. I’ll take Cleveland at home this week.”

    Burt: Browns

    Bshan: Jets, “J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets Jets Jets!”

    Flan: Jets, “why are the Browns favored?”

   Dimes: Jets

   Capitano: Browns

Bills at Vikings

  Sauce: Vikings, “the Bills are so fucking bad man.”

  AlecTheAccountant: Vikings, “give Kirk the week off and throw in Siemian for fun!!”

  Burt: Vikings

  Bshan: Vikings

  Flan: Vikings, “If the Bills win this game I retire from Spin Factory”

  Dimes: Vikings

  Capitano: Vikings

Giants at Texans

  Sauce: Texans

  AlecTheAccountant: Giants

  Burt: Texans, “If the Texans don’t win they are the worst team in the NFL”

  Bshan: Texans

  Flan: Texans

  Dimes: Texans

  Capitano: Texans

Packers at Redskins

 Sauce: Packers

  AlecTheAccountant: Packers, “Skins can’t catch a break at running back loosing Rob Kelly now. Peterson’s week one may have been a fluke.”

  Burt: Redskins, “Aaron Rodgers is over-rated, go ‘skins”

  Bshan: Packers

  Flan: Packers

  Dimes: Packers

  Capitano: Packers

49ers at Chiefs

  Sauce: Chiefs, “if the Chiefs defense can figure it out, they are gonna win the AFC West”

  AlecTheAccountant: Chiefs, “Mahomes is legit”

  Burt: Chiefs, “the chiefs are the real deal “

  Bshan: Chiefs.  “49ers should have gotten Josh Gordon.”

  Flan: Chiefs, “Chiefs are rolling”

  DImes: Chiefs

  Capitano: Chiefs

Raiders at Dolphins

   Sauce: Raiders

  AlecTheAccountant: Dolphins

  Burt: Dolphins, “Ryan Tannehill is 9-1 in his last ten.. I think they pull this one out #phinsup”

  Bshan: Dolphins, “Damn, am I actually picking the Dolphins?”

  Flan: Dolphins, “Dolphins ML”

  Dimes: Raiders

  Capitano: Raiders

Colts at Eagles

 Sauce: Colts,”The Eagles are booty”

  AlecTheAccountant: Colts, “Ride the Colts”

  Burt: Eagles, “gonna take the eagles and their savior Carson Wentz”

  Bshan: Eagles

  Flan: Eagles

  Dimes: Birds

  Capitano: Eagles

Titans at Jaguars

 Sauce: Jaguars

  AlecTheAccountant: Jaguars

  Burt: Jags

  Bshan: Jaguars, “Riding on the BOAT”

  Flan: Jags

  Dimes: Titans

  Capitano: Jaguars

Bengals at Panthers

 Sauce: Panthers

  AlecTheAccountant: Panthers, “Toss up, but I’m going Panthers”

  Burt: Panthers, “I’m gonna take the panthers in a wild game”

  Bshan: Panthers, “Cam Newton steals computers.”

  Flan: Panthers

  Dimes: Panthers
  Capitano: Bengals

Broncos at Ravens

   Sauce: Broncos, “this is gonna be a fun game to watch, two mean defenses.”

   AlecTheAccountant: Ravens

   Burt: Ravens, ”Gonna go with the Ravens in an almost must win at home”

   Bshan: Ravens

   Flan: Broncos

   Dimes: Ravens

   Capitano: Broncos

Saints at Falcons

 Sauce: Ahhhhhhhhhh Falcons, “Game of the Week”

  AlecTheAccountant: Saints, “Both teams with shaky starts”

  Burt: Falcons,  “the Saints stink”

  Bshan: Falcons, “Drew Brees has entered the rinse cycle.”

  Flan: Falcons, “Always love this matchup, POUND the over.”

  Dimes: Saints

  Capitano: Saints

Chargers at Rams

 Sauce: Rams, “Super Bowl Preview”

   AlecTheAccountant: Chargers, “Rams finally tested against elite quarterback, Phil the Drill”

   Burt: Rams

   Bshan: Rams

   Flan: Rams

   Dimes: Rams

  Capitano: Rams

Bears at Cardinals

 Sauce: Bears

  AlecTheAccountant: Bears

  Burt: DAAAAA Bears

  Bshan: Bears

  Flan: Bears, “Cardinals are the second worst team in the league at the moment”

  Dimes: Dah Cubs

  Capitano: Bears

Cowboys at Seahawks

 Sauce: Cowboys, “whatever team I pick is going to lose so whatever”

  AlecTheAccountant: Seahawks

  Burt: Cowboys

  Bshan: Seahawks

  Flan: Cowboys, “No idea, go Cowboys”

  Dimes: Seahawks

  Capitano: Seahawks

Patriots at Lions

Sauce: Patriots, “need this one Tommy, also agree with Alec. Great Accountant.”

  AlecTheAccountant: Patriots, “The beginning of Bill’s recruitment process for Stafford once Brady retires”

  Burt: Patriots

  Bshan: Patriots

  Flan: Patriots

  Dimes- Patriots

  Capitano: Patriots

Steelers at Buccaneers   

Sauce: Steelers, “but i wanna pick the Buccaneers so bad cause I know Fitzmagic will break my heart”

  AlecTheAccountant: Buccaneers, “Riding Fitzmagic for one more week against a weak secondary”

Burt: Steelers, “I’m with sauce”

  Bshan: Steelers, “it feel like the right game for Fitzmagic to suck”

  Flan: Buccaneers, “Riding the Bucs, Steelers are DONE. You can’t tie the CLEVELAND BROWNS and expect to call yourself a good football team”

  Dimes: Steelers

  Capitano: Buccaneers

Overall Records:

     1.Capitano: 17-12-2

     1.Flan: 17-12-2

  1. BShan: 15-14-2

     3.Willis Dimes: 15-14-2

  1. Sauce: 13-16-2
  2. Burt: 12-17-2
  3. AlecTheAccountant: 9-20-2




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