Week 4 NFL Preview

Week 4:

Vikings at Rams

 Sauce: Rams, “Best Thursday Night Football matchup in a long time. NFC Championship Preview.”

  AlecTheAccountant: Rams

  Bshan: Vikings

  Flan: Rams, “Rams by 1”

  Dimes: Vikings

Burt: Rams, “gonna bet the vikes for value… picking the rams”

Capitano: Rams

Texans at Colts:

 Sauce: Colts

  AlecTheAccountant: Colts, “I can’t believe I am saying this but the Texans will be 0-4 after this week”

  Bshan: Colts

  Flan: Colts

  Dimes: Texans

  Capitano: Colts

Burt: Texans


Bills at Packers

 Sauce: Packers, “By a million”

  AlecTheAccountant: Packers, “Go Pack Go”

  Bshan: Packers, “the Packers better fucking win, I’m getting sick and tired of losing bets on these jackasses”

  Flan: Packers

  Dimes: Packers

  Capitano: Bills

Buccaneers at Bears

 Sauce: Bears

  AlecTheAccountant: Buccaneers,Fitzmagic will prove he is worthy of being the starting QB over Winston”

  Burt: Bears, “Because the Bucs are gonna be stupid and put in Winston”

  Bshan: Bears

  Flan: Buccaneers

  Dimes: Bears, “DAHHHH BEAAAAARS”

  Capitano: Buccaneers


Dolphins at Patriots

 Sauce: Patriots

  AlecTheAccountant: Patriots, “Pats by 3”

  Burt: Patriots, “Pats in a must win”

  Bshan: Patriots

  Flan: Dolphins, “Dolphins are hot, who knows.”

  Dimes: Patriots, “I hate life”

  Capitano: Patriots

Lions at Cowboys

 Sauce: Lions

  AlecTheAccountant: Lions, “Stafford will throw for 350 and 4 touchdowns; go Lions”

  Burt: Cowboys

  Bshan: Lions, “really tempted to go lions here….. yeah fuck it, Lions”

  Flan: Cowboys

  Dimes: Lions

  Capitano: Cowboys

Bengals at Falcons

 Sauce: Falcons

  AlecTheAccountant: Bengals

  Burt: Falcons

  Bshan: Falcons

  Flan: Falcons


  Capitano: Falcons

Jets at Jaguars

 Sauce: Jaguars, “Even though they stunk in Week 3”

  AlecTheAccountant: Jags

  Burt: Jags

  Bshan: Jags

  Flan: Jaguars

  Dimes: Jags

  Capitano: Jaguars

Eagles at Titans

 Sauce: Eagles

  AlecTheAccountant: Eagles

  Burt: Eagles

  Bshan: Eagles

  Flan: Eagles

  Dimes: Birds

  Capitano: Titans

Browns at Raiders

 Sauce: Browns, “Honestly the Raiders blow”

  AlecTheAccountant: Browns, “Everyone will be watching Baker”

  Burt: BROWNS

  Bshan: Browns

  Flan: Browns, “If Baker stars”

  Dimes: Browns, “Bakers Boys”

  Capitano: Browns

Seahawks at Cardinals

 Sauce: Seahawks

  AlecTheAccountant: Cardinals

  Burt: Seahawks, “Fuck Rosen”

  Bshan: Seahawks, “I can’t, in good conscience, pick the Cardinals, Seahawks take week 4”

  Flan: Cardinals, “Cardinals somehow pull this one off”

  Dimes: Seacocks

  Capitano: Cardinals


Saints at Giants

 Sauce: Saints

  AlecTheAccountant: Giants

  Burt: Saints

  Bshan: Giants, “Giants suck, but Giants”

  Flan: Saints

  Dimes: Saints, “Saints and the over”

  Capitano: Saints

49ers at Chargers

 Sauce: Chargers, “Beathard is soooooo BAD”

  AlecTheAccountant: Chargers, “Phil the Drill”

  Burt: Chargers

  Bshan: Chargers, “Karma”

  Flan: Chargers

  Dimes: Chargers

  Capitano: Chargers

Ravens at Steelers

 Sauce: Ravens

  AlecTheAccountant: Steelers

  Burt: Ravens, “I’m going with the birds”

  Bshan: Ravens, “dude, I like the Ravens for this one”

  Flan: Ravens

  Dimes: UMMMMMMM Steelers

  Capitano: Ravens

Chiefs at Broncos   

 Sauce: Chiefs, “Their offense is unstoppable but Mile High will be a tough road test”

  AlecTheAccountant: Chiefs

  Burt: Chiefs

  Bshan: Broncos, “I feel like this is the time of year Andy Reid starts making his team suck”

  Flan: Chiefs

  Dimes: Broncos

  Capitano: Chiefs   


Overall Records:

  1. Willis Dimes: 25-22-2
  2. Capitano: 24-23-2
  3. BShan: 24-23-2
  4. Flan 23-24-2
  5. Burt: 23-24-2
  6. AlecTheAccountant: 20-27-2
  7. Sauce: 20-27-2


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