PGA Championship rundown with El Capitano

Ladies and Gents its your weirdest time a year again where you got football on the horizon and your testing out your new sports gambling sites looking to not look like a fool in your office pool. I’m El Capitano, (no affiliation to Paul Pierce or Jason Varitek) here to give you some insight on this weekend so you’re not sitting on your couch like an idiot on Sunday wishing you read this blog.

Let’s cut to the chase, things are heating up in the golf world and all the eyes are on Tiger Woods and so is the money. Forget about the legend this weekend and be a fan of his comeback. Tiger will strike the ball well, be very inconsistent off the tee and find his way around the greens at Bellerive. Focus in on the big time players who are swinging a smooth stick right now. DJ, Rory, Schauffele, and JT. Yep, that’s right JT will be in the mix this weekend as he is looking to defend the title and try going for the win back to back weekends. If your looking for match-up bets, JT will be your guy as he is my guaranteed top 7 pick. DJ, Rory, and Schauffele are the guys to watch at the top.

During my playing days, if your untouchable between the fairways your going to be in the hunt and have a consistent showing. DJ, coming off a win at the RBC, Rory showing his vintage 2012 colors again, and the young stallion Xander is young and hungry enough to just not give a shit about any of these favorites and go straight for the W.

When asked about the patchy greens due to the severe heat at Bellerive, DJ replied “Not a big deal”. You think this guy gives a shit about dry greens, no chance. He’ll be dialed in from the start on Thursday.

Image result for dustin johnson

Bellerive is facing some Midwest heat and the greens are going to be hard as tits, with no spin coming from these players. These greens are big and your going to need to be tight all day if you want to see your name at the top. Look for these incredible ball strikers to take advantage of their ability to throw darts at the greens.

My picks

Dustin Johnson 12-1

Rory McIlroy 15-1

Xander Schauffele 30-1