All-2000’s Red Sox

With the recent success of my beloved Boston Red Sox, it’s had me thinking. We have had a lot of talent and great players don the Red Sox uniform. I decided to put together the best team I could with players that have played on the team in the 2000s. Key factors: Tenure with the team, attitude of the player, and WINNING. The team is as follows:

Manager: Terry “Tito” Francona
   Not much competition here. I never really understood why we got rid of him. Was a great player’s manager and had tremendous decision-making when needed. Alex Cora could have something to say about this in a few years.

Designated Hitter: Big “Fucking” Papi

Well not much to say about Big Papi, I think everyone knew he would be on this team but guy delivered us 3 World Series Rings and was arguably the greatest clutch hitter ever. I miss seeing this guy step into this batters box. Was always a show.


Catcher: Captain Jason Varitek

I’m not too sure if we have found Varitek’s replacement. His leadership and defensive ability has been irreplaceable behind home plate. Struggled at hitting at sometimes but other times it seemed like he was delivering a clutch base knock when we needed it most.

First Base: Kevin Youkilis

YOUUUUUUUUK. I remember watching this guys first at-bat and I’m almost positive he sent it over the Green Monster. Excellent defensively at first basemen, and being related to Tom Brady is always a plus.


2nd Base: Dustin Pedroia

While it is very sad to see this guy struggle late in his career and sometimes I wonder why he is still on the team, it would be beyond me to not put him on this team. Arguably the best second basemen during his prime and had a few MVP caliber seasons. I was once compared to Dustin Pedroia in a basketball article, WEIRD BRAG I KNOW.

3rd Base: Mike “MVP” Lowell

Mike Lowell locked down the hot corner for many years. Tremendous hitter, Tremendous fielder, and a Tremendous leader. Hell, he was the MVP of the 2007 World Series too. Loved watching this guy play.

lowell MVP.jpg

Shortstop: Nomar “Class Act” Garciaparra

When the Red Sox traded Nomar during the 2004 season, it was a pretty sad day in good old Rockland Mass. But in the end I guess you could say it worked out for us. Unbelievable in the field, could hit with the best of them and who didn’t love watching this guy step into the batter’s box fixing his gloves (for reasons I still don’t know). Still pissed off this guy was able to hang around that year for the World Series but who knows maybe the Red Sox never win that year if we don’t make that trade.

Left Field: Manny Ramirez

My favorite Red Sox player of all-time. There was no way I was going to leave him off this list and why would I? Over 500 Home-Runs, clutch clutch clutch hitting and while he struggled in the field at times, no one knew how to play that Monster better than Manny. I think I cried when he was traded to the Dodgers but that’s when Manny was being, well Manny.


Center Field: Mookie Betts

This guy is a fucking stud. I still don’t understand how someone so small can hit the ball with as much power and drive as Mookie Betts. Able to field multiple positions is always a plus too. This guy will be the face of the franchise for many years to come. Let’s just hope he doesn’t go to the Yankees like other Red Sox centerfielders have had the tendency of doing..

Right Field: Trot Nixon

Trot Nixon was always a pleasure to watch. I have a lot of friends that still to this day say he was their favorite Red Sox player ever. Played his heart out in the field and really had some huge at-bats in some big time games. Don’t ever doubt #7. Unfortunately in a few years I think JD Martinez will have to take his spot on this team but lets see if JD can deliver in October first.

Starting Pitchers: Pedro Martinez Curt Schilling Josh Beckett Chris Sale Jon Lester

All I have to say is WOW. 4 legitimate aces and then Jon Lester. Slap my ass and call me par. Pedro was unreal, Curt Schilling is crazy, Chris Sale is a nut case, Lester was clutch as fuck and I think people forget how dominant Beckett was at times.

Relievers: Manny Delcarmen Koji Uehara Keith Foulke

This is actually the position I found hard to find players for. I got two former closers and Manny Delcarmen, who I think was actually decent out of the pen for a while. I’d actually love to hear people’s opinion on this position to spice it up a little bit. But with Foulke and Uehara delivering us those World Series, I couldn’t keep them off the list.


Closer: Jonathan Papelbon

Psycho, absolute nut case, freak show…kinda sounds like me. But Papelbon was nothing short of dominant when he was clicking. An automatic save most nights. Once he started getting a little too crazy though his career dwindled but I’d take Prime Papelbon over most closers.

Notable Mentions: JD Martinez Bill Mueller…THATS IT.

Feel free to tell me how much of an idiot I am because I missed your favorite player but this is the team I would roll with. I’m not sure any other franchise in baseball could come up with a better team but that’s an argument for a different day. Taaaaaaanks for reading fam!



willisdimes card 8/9

We are 5 for our last 6 with a huge 3/3 last night. Let’s keep it rolling tonight.


  1. Red Sox -1.5   because I honestly don’t think this team will ever lose a game ever again, also Sandt Leon is catching tonight and the Sox are 25-1 in the last 26 games that he has caught in.
  2. Astros -150  Verlander is on the hill tonight in a big AL West matchup against the Mariners. This is a big game for the Astros at home tonight and I think they pull it off.
  3. Patriots Moneyline -135 because why the fuck not. The public is all over the Redskins for some reason and I think Brian Hoyer is going to light it up with Tom Brady not dressing tonight.
  4. Browns and Giants over 35 points. I just love points and football and its Baker Mayfield time in Clevland.

willisdimes card 8/8

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We went 2/3 last night with wins by the Red Sox and Dodgers. Tonight is a pretty dope slate and it’s my Mom’s birthday so I think that means we basically already won.

  1. Redsox -1.5 +120 (The Redsox bats are too hot and this is a big start for our boy Brian Johnson if he gives the Sox a quality start he’ll take Pomeranz spot in the rotation.)
  2. A’s +150 ( Lots of value in the A’s tonight. The public is all over the Dodgers 82% and 18% on the A’s. I’ve been burned too many times siding with the public and the A’s are playing a big game in the AL wildcard race with a Mariners loss earlier today.)
  3. Braves&Nationals over 9 runs (It’s my moms birthday and there’s going to be mad runs in this game on ESPN at 7)

Top NBA Free Agents as of 8/8/18

NBA fans and season ticket holders, we received some news regarding the 2018-2019 schedule today. The five Christmas games have been announced along with MLK day games, and a few opening night match-ups. Lebron and the “new look” Lakers will be visiting Damian Lillard and company. The Boston Celtics will face off against the up and coming 76ers on October 16th, and Pat Connaughton and the Bucks will visit the New York Knickerbockers for the first Christmas Day game. Will any of the top free agents be playing for any of these teams on those days? Lets take a look..

Dwayne Wade:

The 36 year old three time NBA champion is unsure if he will step on an NBA court again. Those are the recent reports, but if you follow him on social media it seems like he is in prime shape and training almost everyday. That doesn’t mean his 65 year old knees can take the grit and grind of an 82 game season in which he hasn’t achieved in his entire career. The closest he has been was in 2008 when he suited up and played 79 games for the Miami Heat. I believe many teams could definitely use his leadership in the locker room and as a spark off the bench. He ended up leading the Heat in scoring in multiple games this past playoffs. With Dion Waiters returning from injury and a young back court including Tyler Johnson, Wade is still a great fit for the team he won championships for. The only other option would be if another team in China offered him a contract. The Zhejiang Golden Bulls offered him a three year deal worth over $25 million last month, but he did not respond as the team gave him a three day deadline to make a decision. Bet on Wade signing a one year deal with the Miami Heat before the season starts.


Rodney Hood … For 3

On Sunday February 11, 2018, I was apart of one of the most important basketball games in Celtics history; Paul Pierce’s retirement game. The Celtics hosted the “new look” Cavs days after the trade deadline. The Celtics were blown out, I teared up as #34 was raised to the rafters, and the words  “Rodney Hood for 3” are now forever embedded in my mind from the announcer. Anyway…

Rodney Hood was a scoring machine averaging 17 points for the Utah Jazz before being shipped over to Cleveland. By the playoffs he was out of the rotation completely while refusing to check into the end of blow out games. This was bizarre to me considering he was the third best player on the roster behind Lebron James and Kevin Love. As Hood is a restricted free agent, the Cavaliers extended a qualifying offer of 3.3 million for next season. Hood and his representatives are looking for more of a long term deal. At 25 years old and the ability to create shots and play defense, I expected a deal worth around 60-70 million to already be on the table. Since the drama at the end of last season, Hood is looking like he will be receiving a deal similar to Marcus Smart. I predict he will suit up for the Cavs on a four year deal worth between 50-55 million.

Image result for rodney hood

Jamal Crawford:

A respected top ball handler who could go off for 20 points any given night is still a free agent? I guess the 38 year old vet isn’t as appealing as I thought, or maybe teams aren’t offering the right money, but his services could be used by various teams in the NBA. The first player in NBA history to win the 6th man of the year three times is a spark off the bench who can virtually create a shot at any given moment. He can cross up anyone and can be a great role model on a young team. I believe the 76ers or the Timberwolves make the most sense. About a week ago (queue Bobby Shmurda) the core of the 76ers including Ben Simmons loved the idea of bringing in Crawford via Twitter. To be honest, their bench is somewhat stacked if Fultz comes back with a jump shot after a miserable rookie season where he only played 14 games. We got to see flashes at the end of the season including a triple double. Anyway, one other team that might throw a veteran minimum offer to Jamal is the defending champion, Warriors. I believe Crawford has to much pride to join the super team, but at this point anything can happen. I see Crawford returning to the Wolves on a one year deal worth 3-5 million.


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Under the radar Free Agents with predictions :

  1. Nick “Swag Champ” Young: Houston Rockets
  2. Lucas Nogueira: Toronto Raptors

5 Best-Fits for Dez Bryant

Personally, I’m a huge Dez Bryant fan. I’ve always liked his “fuck you” attitude and besides last season was a stud for the Cowboys. I believe all 32 teams should be interested in his services cause he has something to offer. Here are the “best-fits” for me.

#5 New England Football Patriots

I feel like as a Patriots fan it’s my job to promote this signing for the team so here it is. People, over the years, have liked to compare a lot of our signings to the Randy Moss transaction in which we turned around a player’s career but this is truly the closest thing to it. A troubled receiver who had one or two off years looking to rejuvenate his career. Who better to help you than Tom Brady and Uncle Bill and Cousin Josh. Sign me up for Dez Bryant.

#4 San Franciso 49ers

I think this is an interesting team because while they aren’t necessarily one of the best teams, I think they are a couple players away from being a playoff team especially with division rivals Cardinals and Seahawks on the decline. The only reason I don’t bring him in if I’m John Lynch is that it might stunt the growth of Jimmy G but I think Jimmy was taught well and could handle the personality of Dez. Also I think Dez would thrive in Kyle Shannahans System as we saw Mohamed Sanu and even Taylor Gabriel a few years ago with the Falcons. Also the 49ers have one of the worst receiving corps in the league and maybe Dez would take a few under his wing (HAHA MAYBE).

#3 Jacksonnville Jaguars

If Dez Bryant is looking to continue his ways (which I feel like he is) this would be the perfect team. They are the most ignorant team in all of football as we saw in the AFC Championship Game last season. They lost both Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson so the need for a receiver is definitely there. Also if Tom Coughlin decides he wants to stick it to the Cowboys one more time and re-vamp Dez Bryant’s career this is it.

#2 The New Orleans Football Saints

I actually heard this on GMF the other morning and I thought that this sounded pretty favorable for Dez. With the leadership of Sean Payton and Drew Brees, the Saints have the power to turn his career around. With Michael Thomas, he won’t be asked to carry the load and could take the burden off their young receivers. IMO this would give the Saints another step forward in competing in a tough NFC with the likes of the Vikings, Eagles and the #1 team on my list…


I think the Packers are truly going to miss Jordy Nelson, the favorite wide receiver of Aaron Rodgers for the past several years. Randall Cobb has been on a serious decline and while Davante Adams is good, I’m not too sure he’s talented enough to be a #1 receiver. With Dez being a jump-ball tendency receiver, Aaron Rodgers would be the best quarterback for the job. The only problem here is I think the Packers should be looking to get younger on the offensive side of the ball and Dez doesn’t do that but there’s no doubt the fit is there.


Fuck the rumors about the Cleveland Browns, that would be a terrible spot for him to go. End of discussion.


Currently holding a 67-46 record and sitting five games behind the Astros, the Oakland Athletics are one of baseball’s more interesting teams in the hunt for a spot in the playoffs this year. They currently are riding a six game winning streak, sweeping two straight series against the Tigers and Blue Jays as they head home to test their luck against the Dodgers and recent acquisition Manny Machado.


With the injury to Aaron Judge and overall struggling Yankees, the Wild Card is looking better and better for the A’s as long as they can hold off the Mariners, who they currently are still two games above. But how is Oakland achieving all of this success with far less star power than some of the top teams in the AL like the Red Sox and Astros? One of the reasons for their offensive success comes from their slugging left fielder Khris Davis. As of right now he only trails J.D Martinez in RBI’s with 86 and stands in third in homers with 31. But besides Davis, who is generating the offense for the A’s? With solid contributions from the leadoff hitting shortstop Marcus Semien, and above average seasons from Matt Olson and Jed Lowrie, the A’s infield is surely doing their part to carry this team into the playoffs.


When it comes to pitching, their ace Sean Manaea is putting together a nice season with 10 wins so far, including a no hitter against Boston, and a team leading 3.38 ERA. They recently acquired Mike Fiers from the struggling Detroit Tigers to help out their otherwise mediocre starting pitching.  It’s surprising to see this team winning so many games especially now that their opening day pitcher Kendall Gravemenn underwent Tommy John surgery.


Personally, I’d love to see Oakland in the playoffs. I’m a fan of the underdog and in the powerful American League, the A’s are sure to have one of the worst odds to win the World Series heading into the Wild Card race. The last time they got past the Division Series was in 2006 when they were swept by the Detroit Tigers in the AL Championship Series. With the Warriors in town, Oakland REALLY does not need any more attention when it comes to playoff runs…But if the Red Sox can’t make a push for the World Series this year, and the Athletics can get past the Yankees or Mariners in the Wild Card game, consider me a fan of the dark horse Oakland A’s.


Spin or be Spun

SPIN-the act of losing your mind by saying absolutely absurd statements that you begin to have no control of. Poor mental state. “Big skeet came into the dorm room and immideatly started to spin on Willis dimes to the point he left the room.”

This is the first of many articles you will read that will reference the “spin” culture that a group of Merrimack College students out of Andover, MA created. If you haven’t yet wrapped your head around what it means to spin here is an idea of the guys that defined the spin culture.

Flan- wealthy pot head

willis dimes- Arrogant gambler

silly mical- Card shark

Saucy G- Absolute maniac

Big skeet- Fat booze bag

shmurda- Wannabe ghetto white boy

bejunk- foreign cig head

dewey- Absolute liability

crippy- lanky fun stopper

pratty- The gambling midget

Boomer Burt- Beligerent meat head

It is tough to fully comprehend “spinning” until you have sat in a room with these guys. Although, I assure you it wouldn’t take long before you were running for the door for the sake of your own mental sanity. Some may argue that the only way to avoid being spun when caught in a room of spinning people is to spin harder back. Spin or be spun. Wow, that was a lot of spinning. What I mean by that is you have to join in and start saying even more absurd things that make the original spinners jaws drop until there brains can’t handle it and there spin cycle comes to an end. On the other hand, if you do successfully win the spin off you could probably consider yourself officially spun. Unfortunately spinning is extremely contagious and hard to stop until the group of spinners completely separates themselves.

At this point you may ask “why is it so hard to stop spinning?” Man do I wish I knew. Booze, drugs , boredom, stress, school work. All things that may play a part in the spin cycle and a college environment is the perfect place for a basic spin to spiral. Long nights turn into long days and bad decisions turn to worse decisions until you completely rely on external factors to either keep you awake or put you to sleep to a point where you don’t know what the difference is. It’s quite possible that spinning is the healthiest and most stimulating thing our brains do in a college environment. After all the creativity it takes to spin doesn’t come easy.  Maybe we spin because it helps us forget about the everyday stresses of a college degenerate. Checking your bank account, paying your bookie, destroying your body, cheating your way through school, getting your first fortnite win, and the list goes on. When we spin we forget about all that by trying to make others believe the wildest scenarios are realistic in our crazy lives.

So does the spinning stop after college?

Short answer- NO

Long answer-NO, I think it’s safe to say once you’ve been spun so hard you constantly search to add to your spin bank and arm yourself for the next spin off you find yourself in.

That being said, you don’t need others in order to spin. Sometimes you begin to spin in your own head and battle your brain for a breath of fresh air. These are the most dangerous types of spins because they can last for long periods of time and border the line of mental insanity.

Hopefully that’s a decent start to understanding the complex and twisted experience this group of guys has gone through in a short 4 years at a small catholic school in a rural Massachusetts town. Many more detailed experiences to come.