Instant Reaction: Redsox 10 BlueJays 7


You’re kidding, right? Mitchy Moreland is a bad man. JBJ is a mediocre man. How about J.D? You saw him in the top of the 8th in the dugout practicing his swing. He Goes out there takes two pitches and then parks his 34th home run and drives in his 97th RBI. That home run made it 5-3 Sox. J.D, Mitch & JBJ were all the sox had tonight offensively combing for all 10 Red Sox runs. Drew Pomeranz is a bum he went 4 2/3 innings. 4 hits 2 runs 1 strikeout 5 walks. 5 fucking walks. Get Drew Pomeranz out of my life. Drew has had one of the worst seasons that I’ve seen in a long time. Basically, Drew Pomeranz is a mental midget and doesn’t have what it takes to pitch in Boston. Brian Johnson is going to take his spot in the rotation and that is a good thing for Red Sox nation. Brian Johnson has passion and pitches with balls. He’s a guy we can all get behind. In his Last start against the Yankees, BJ had 11 strikeouts in 5 innings. This Red Sox Bullpen really scares me, Joe Kelly, Matt Barnes, and Kimbrel and Tyler Thornburg all let up an earned run. Those three guys are supposed to be our end of the game “gauntlet of death” they pitch like a bunch of fairies if you ask me. In the playoffs, the Red Sox bats are not always going to be able to bail this team out when the bullpen shits the bed. It wasn’t pretty for the first 9 innings but as they always do, the Red Sox did not disappoint.

80 wins and 34 Losses

PGA Championship rundown with El Capitano

Ladies and Gents its your weirdest time a year again where you got football on the horizon and your testing out your new sports gambling sites looking to not look like a fool in your office pool. I’m El Capitano, (no affiliation to Paul Pierce or Jason Varitek) here to give you some insight on this weekend so you’re not sitting on your couch like an idiot on Sunday wishing you read this blog.

Let’s cut to the chase, things are heating up in the golf world and all the eyes are on Tiger Woods and so is the money. Forget about the legend this weekend and be a fan of his comeback. Tiger will strike the ball well, be very inconsistent off the tee and find his way around the greens at Bellerive. Focus in on the big time players who are swinging a smooth stick right now. DJ, Rory, Schauffele, and JT. Yep, that’s right JT will be in the mix this weekend as he is looking to defend the title and try going for the win back to back weekends. If your looking for match-up bets, JT will be your guy as he is my guaranteed top 7 pick. DJ, Rory, and Schauffele are the guys to watch at the top.

During my playing days, if your untouchable between the fairways your going to be in the hunt and have a consistent showing. DJ, coming off a win at the RBC, Rory showing his vintage 2012 colors again, and the young stallion Xander is young and hungry enough to just not give a shit about any of these favorites and go straight for the W.

When asked about the patchy greens due to the severe heat at Bellerive, DJ replied “Not a big deal”. You think this guy gives a shit about dry greens, no chance. He’ll be dialed in from the start on Thursday.

Image result for dustin johnson

Bellerive is facing some Midwest heat and the greens are going to be hard as tits, with no spin coming from these players. These greens are big and your going to need to be tight all day if you want to see your name at the top. Look for these incredible ball strikers to take advantage of their ability to throw darts at the greens.

My picks

Dustin Johnson 12-1

Rory McIlroy 15-1

Xander Schauffele 30-1


willisdimes card 8/7


Willis Dimes aka Willy Live Bet aka Willy Parlays and Willy Winners here to give you my 3 best plays of the night. Hop on the train on your boring tuesday night.



I have 3 locks for tonight’s slate:

  1. Redsox -135( I’m going, to be honest, I bet the Redsox every single night, But seriously how could you not. This team is on pace for fucking 113 wins right now. This start is also what I consider a must-win for Drew Pomeranz if he wants to be considered for a spot on the playoff roster. You saw it this weekend. The Sox can come back from any deficit.)
  2. Dodgers -110 (The time is now for the Dodgers to make their moves. They made all of their deadline moves, Machado and Dozier. Justin Turner is back in the lineup tonight as well. The dangerous Dodgers lineup gets a DH spot playing in the American Leauge ballpark.)
  3. D-Backs -1.5( This game is a big game against two division leaders (Phillies). The D-Backs have Zack Greinke on the Hill tonight and he has been DEALING as of late. He’s their ace and this could be a Wildcard one-game playoff in October. D-Backs are also trying to hold their .5 game lead on the Dodgers.


Take em seperate. Or parlay em. Lets Goooo.

NBA Champion Rajon Rondo vs. Sophomore Lonzo Ball

This NBA off-season for the Los Angeles Lakers has made the most noise in recent memory. Back in 2012, the organization acquired aging Steve Nash and Dwight Howard to join Kobe Bryant known as the “super team” assembled a few years late. This was the last time anyone cared or believed the Lakers had any chance of being competitive and winning a championship. This formula did not work out so well as the team was swept in the first round of the playoffs by the San Antonio Spurs. Fast forward to 2018 and Magic Johnson, Jeanie Buss, and Rob Pelinka had the cap space to sign the best basketball player in the world to a four year, $154 million contract as in Lebron James. Along with James, the organization brought in Rajon Rondo, Lance Stevenson, Javale McGee, and Michael Beasley all on one year deals respectively. Rajon Rondo signing for the most at $9 million. Other than Lebron, the point guard battle between Lonzo and Rondo seems to be the most intriguing heading into this upcoming season within the organization.

Many would say, Lonzo is the clear cut favorite to win the job as he is entering his second season with the Lakers. As a rookie, he averaged 10.2 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 7.2 assists per game by only appearing in 52 games. Rondo played in 65 games and averaged 8.3 points, 4 rebounds, and 8.2 assists respectively in his 13th season. Rajon Rondo is an NBA champion and has one of the highest IQ’s in basketball. That may end the argument of who should win the starting role. Rondo has the ability to create plays and make his teammates better around him. Pairing his IQ with James at the same time could be a lethal combination on the court. Rondo is an unselfish, pass first point guard who could compliment James’ style of basketball real well. When he decides to play defense, he can help turn the ball over, look up, and feed a delicious dime to the greatest player on the planet. Lonzo also has the ability to help create shots for his new teammate. Lonzo struggled with his shot at times last season so passing the ball is the best option until he can prove his shot has improved and adjusted to the NBA style of play. Ultimately, both players can help The King in various, but similar ways.

Image result for lonzo ball lebron james

The veteran Rondo is going to push Lonzo at practice. Believe it or not, I can argue they will become great teammates and friends outside of basketball. If I were Lonzo, I would pay attention and become the best protege possible to learn all the knowledge and advice that Rondo will provide throughout the season. Rajon Rondo is a competitor and will drive Lonzo to the starting position. Don’t get me wrong, things can change drastically if James can’t get along with the young core or if the impeccable father Lavar steps in the way. No matter what each player produces, “coach” Lebron will choose who the starting point guard will be night in and night out during the 2018-2019 NBA season.


Side note: The Boston Celtics will raise #9 into the rafters when one of the best passers in history hangs them up.

Is Bill Belichick slowly losing his mind?

Well first of all, thank you for reading our first post. It means a lot to our team and hopefully you continue to follow us! But let’s get to sports..


Over the past 20 years, we have seen absolute dominance from Belichick, Brady and the New England Football Patriots. Everyone knows about the Superbowls, the dominance in the regular season and of course the questionable offseason moves. Back in the day, we saw the likes of Ty Law, Richard Seymour and Willie McGinest leave the Patriots for essentially nothing. While these deals didn’t look like they went in the Patriot’s favor at first, I think it ultimately worked out for them. But recently this may not be the case.

NFL: Super Bowl XLIX-New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks

A few years ago, we traded Chandler Jones to the Cardinals for practically a bag of footballs. Jones has since proven to be one of the most dominant outside rushers in the game today and even led the league in sacks this past year. Your telling me the Patriots couldn’t have used him in the Superbowl against the Eagles? Whatever.

Then, this past year (midseason) we unloaded the future of the franchise Jimmy G to the San Francisco 49ers for a Second Round pick. I feel like Patriots fans are split down the middle on this, but personally I’m on Bill’s side and agree they should have traded him. But this could absolutely come back to bite Bill in the ass. What if Brady comes in and stinks it up and just isn’t the same anymore in 2018? I have full confidence in Tom Brady but I would be stupid to ignore that it’s possible for him to fall off soon. I don’t know, definitely something to think about.

Aaaaaaand then yesterday, you see the Patriots cut young and promising Wide Receiver Malcolm Mitchell. Was I the only one to watch that Falcon’s Superbowl? He was a fucking stud in that game against a legit defense in a BIG TIME game. Obviously his injuries are something of concern but a guy who is still on his rookie contract with as much upside as Mitchell isn’t worth keeping around? Especially with the sub-par receiving core that the Patriots have, I find that hard to believe.


Bill Belichick is pushing 70 years old, he’s coached in the National Football league for decades and I’m not doubting his genius mind. But is it too far-fetched that he may be losing his mind a little bit? I didn’t even bring up the fact that he benched Malcolm Butler in the biggest game of the year which is inexcusable to me. You don’t bench a Pro Bowl corner in the Superbowl. I’m sorry you don’t.

As a Patriots fan, there is a reason for concern for the Patriot’s future. And I personally believe if the Patriots underperform this year, Belichick should be fired and McDaniels should immediately take over the reigns. But I am interested in hearing your opinion on this.



The Journey Begins

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